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Premium Wood Stains for Sale

Are you looking for top-quality stains for wood? Do you need effective and affordable wood stains for furniture and joinery? Then welcome to the Paints4Trade online catalogue of superior painting products and accessories! As a leading supplier of excellent painting goods for various projects, we stock the best woodstains that boast even colour, good UV light fastness and fast drying features. Our light-fast wood stains can be overcoated with all ISF clear systems. Moreover, they are suitable for all wood types. Therefore, browse the product range and choose the best wood stains UK online!

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First-Class Wood Stains for Furniture & Joinery

Wood items that complement your house and garden can wear and tear over time due to adverse weather conditions, increased humidity, or simply because of a lack of proper care and maintenance. This is where high-quality wood stains for furniture and joinery come in handy. Different stains for wood are designed to help you breathe new life into your fences, furniture, decking, window frames, and more.

These products boast a double-action. They protect your furnishings, fences, and other wooden goods against weather damage and dramatically improve their look and feel at the same time. Moreover, woodstains are also great if you want your wood and joinery to be resistant to cracking and peeling, making stains for wood an ideal choice for outdoor wood. Paints4Trade offers a selection of wood stains colours to suit any design theme, and so you can quickly pick the best option for enhancing your garden.


Light Fast Wood Stains for Sale

Whether you are going to renovate your fence, refresh your wooden seating, or freshen up any other wood item in your garden, you will indeed find the right product for this job at Paints4Trade. In our online catalogue of top-quality stains for wood, you can find premium products from ISF manufacturer. ISF brand offers light fast wood stains for furniture and joinery suitable for different types of wood.

Stains for wood from ISF manufacturer are formulated with first-class dyestuffs and boast excellent drying in all conditions. Furthermore, ISF woodstains ensure a simple application workflow and can be implemented with the help of a suitable brush, sponge, spray, or rag. Regarding the wood stains colours, ISF offers a vivid colour palette that includes antique pine, dark oak, fire red, ebony, ocean blue, rosewood, walnut, sunflower yellow, and plenty of other beautiful colour options. 

The product comes in a 5-litre pack size, which is incredibly convenient for a series of renovation projects. Additionally, the product is also fast-drying. The drying time is just 3-5 minutes, while the overcoating time is 10 minutes. Also, please keep in mind that ISF wood stains can be overcoated with ISF PC1, AC2 & RP1 (PU) sealers & lacquers.

Buy the Best Stains for Wood Online at Paints4Trade

Quality wood stains are usually used for colouring wood by applying the chosen pigment into wood fibres. The application of woodstains refers to the finishing process of wood surfaces, which means that you may need to sand the particular surface before the actual application of the chosen wood stain. High-grade stains for wood from trusted manufacturers help bring out the wood's natural beauty, prolong its lifespan, and protect wood items from various damage.

Paints4Trade offers select products for fast and effective wood staining. We stock wood staining products from well-known brands with an excellent reputation, and so you can be sure of achieving the best possible outcome. Whether you want to emphasise the natural beauty of your wood or wish to add a special touch to your exterior furniture, we can suggest the most suitable products for your unique project. If you need professional assistance when deciding on the correct product, please contact us. Our specialists are happy to help you make the right choice!