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High-Quality Primers for Wood

Do you need high-grade paint primers for wood to ensure a proper and effective wood treatment? Are you looking for the best wood primers and sealers for your next project? You have come to the right place! The online catalogue of Paints4Trade provides a selection of premium wood primers that are ideal for door finishes, furniture finishes, garden furniture finishes, summer house treatments, cabinets & fixtures, and more. Each primer for wood furniture in our range boasts unique qualities and offers excellent protection and resistance to water. Moreover, in our catalogue, you can find only top, high-performance products from trusted manufacturers.

Interior and Exterior Primers for Wood

Most wood surfaces wear and tear because of weather conditions and even deteriorate over time without proper care and maintenance. Therefore, to prolong the lifespan of your wood furniture, you need to select excellent primers for wood to treat the surfaces properly. Moreover, as far as wood is a porous material, it is essential to prime the surface, ensuring the correct absorption of the solvents within the paint.

Fortunately, Paints4Trade offers a fantastic range of wood primers and sealers for sale. Our wood primers paints are great for a pre-paint application, enhancing your wood with resistance to moisture, rust, and water and improving its look and feel. Each wood primer from our range is a top-notch product suitable for different environments and multiple wood surfaces.


Choosing the Best Primers for Wood Furniture

As a leading supplier of wood primer paints, sealers, protectors and sealants, we stock only the highest quality products for fast and effective wood treatment. Paints4Trade supplies the best wood primers from brands that have already achieved an excellent reputation and great client testimonials.


Aluminium Wood Primers

These are first-class oil-based wood primers containing aluminium. Such products are suitable for all timbers and are primarily used to prevent staining on wood. Each aluminium primer for wood furniture in our range is resistant to resin staining and topcoat blistering. Coo-Var primers have a semi-matt finish and can be applied with a brush, roller & spray. The drying time is 2 hours, and the overcoating time is 6 hours.


MDF Primers for Wood Furniture

Suitable for priming MDF furniture, radiator covers, doors, desks, and cabinets, Coo-Var and ISF primers are water-based and solvent-based products that boast a simple application and fast drying. Coo-Var MDF primers for wood are white solutions for medium-density fibreboard. They dry in half an hour, and you can add one more layer in 6 hours. Meanwhile, the wood priming products from ISF represent a more high-build coating with great coverage and easy sanding properties. Here the drying time is 20 minutes, while the overcoating time is one hour.


Penetrating Wood Primers

If your wood surface requires extensive priming inside and outside, look at penetrating wood primers, representing an oil-based white solution with a pleasant matt finish. Such primers are suitable for interior and exterior use and can be implemented with a roller, spray & brush. At Paints4Trade, you can buy 1, 2.5, and 5-litre primers for wood. These primers dry in 3 hours, and you can apply another layer in 16 hours.


Multi-Surface Primers & Sealers

These are low odour wood primers and sealers suitable for different surfaces like metal, plaster, tiles, and more. They provide a superior stain block, boast a matt finish, and can be applied with a roller or brush. This range also includes special heavy-duty shellac-based coatings that aim to block stains and odours on a range of substrates and, thanks to a high adhesion level, can be used for brickwork, cement, and some plastics.


Buy Wood Primers and Sealers Online at Paints4Trade

Whether you are looking for an aluminium wood primer, MDF primer for wood furniture, penetrating primers for wood, sealer and stain killer, or a multi-surface wood primer paint, you will find the ideal product in our catalogue. All the products we offer are super durable and hard-wearing solutions for seamless wood priming. At Paints4Trade, we provide competitive pricing and guarantee outstanding customer service.