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Wood Paints and Stains

Are you looking for premium-quality wood paints and stains to cope with your interior or exterior project efficiently? Do you need painting products with superior, long-lasting performance? Paints4Trade has something excellent to offer! We stock a collection of high-end paint for wood from trusted and reliable manufacturers. Whether you need quality paint for furniture, wood floors, wood panelling, or paint for woodwork, you will indeed find the right product in our extensive online catalogue. Different wood paint colours, transparent pricing, and exceptional customer service are guaranteed! Browse the assortment and pick the right paint right now!

Interior & Exterior Wood Paints

Paints4Trade is proud to offer durable wood paints at super affordable prices. Thus, whether you want to refresh your wooden furniture's appearance or give it a completely new look and feel, a variety of our wood paint colours will surely please you. Our interior wood paints and exterior wood paints come as a great option to realise your trim painting ideas. 

We offer decorative, solid, durable, abrasion-resistant urethane wooden floor paint, ideally suitable for wooden floorboards, stairs, steps, staircases, and other wooden objects at your place. Our paint for wood also can be used as a coating for domestic areas such as kitchens, hallways, landings, bedrooms, loft spaces, garden offices, and outbuildings. And thanks to the variety of attractive matt, satin, and gloss finishes, you can add a modern and stylish look to your woodwork.

Premium-Quality Paint for Wood Floor & Panelling

The best wood paint from Paints4Trade is straightforward in use and can be quickly applied with a brush or roller. The drying time is 2-4 hours, and the overcoating time is no more than 12-16 hours. The paint boasts a vast colour palette, and so you can choose sky blue, currant red, salmon red, lemon yellow, pastel violet, papyrus white, or any other colour that suits your design theme. With a distinctive colour chart of our interior and exterior wood paints, you can efficiently complete any project, wherever your imagination takes you. The 1, 2.5, and 5-litre pack sizes are available, so it is effortless to find the right product you need.

UK Best Wood Paints for Sale

At Paints4Trade, we offer top-notch paint for wood that provides years of protection for your furniture, wooden decking, and woodwork. Our wood paints and stains aim to help you bring your furniture, floors, and panelling back to the top condition and preserve them from weathering. The application of our products is quite simple and depends only on your preferences. You just need a brush, roller, or spray. In our online catalogue, there are premium products from the most trusted and reliable manufacturers. If you need help choosing the most suitable paint for wood, please get in touch with us. Our friendly consultants are always happy to provide any additional information you need to make the right choice. 

Buy High-End Wood Paints and Stains Online

We supply a selection of first-class lacquer, sealer, and paint for wood floors, panelling, furniture, and woodwork for you to transform and beautify your interior or exterior space effortlessly. We carry various options from expert brands like Trade Paints, ISF, Coo-Var, Manor and guarantee that our products will help you get the job done efficiently. With exceptional wood paint, we also stock premium water-based and epoxy floor lacquers that boast extreme durability and longevity and aim to help you enhance your internal hardwood or softwood floors. These products are fast-drying and suitable for domestic and a wide range of commercial areas, such as sporting venues, shops, offices, restaurants and public buildings.

Water-based lacquer is an excellent match for places with light or medium traffic. Please keep in mind that we do not recommend selecting this product for areas where regular contact with water is the usual thing. In case you need to find a product for high traffic areas, we recommend epoxy floor lacquers as they easily withstand such a load. You can also find solid topcoat lacquers and floor sealers to improve your wooden and joinery surfaces in our collection. Topcoat lacquers are high-build and fast-drying products for wood and timber suitable for professionals in the shopfitting industry. They are hard wearing and boast good mar resistance. The drying and overcoating time of such a topcoat lacquer from Paints4Trade is the same — 10 minutes. Products of this type are available on four sheen levels.

In case you need a cost-effective floor sealer, we also have marvellous products to take a look at. We offer an easy to apply semi-gloss floor sealer that suits both internal and external surfaces and may be used for concrete, wood, metal, and GRP. This product's drying time is 10-12 hours, while the overcoating time is 16 hours. Our range of products is extensive, and we ensure that Paints4Trade has everything you need to complete your next project. Browse the catalogue right now and buy the best wood paints, lacquers, and sealers online!