Water Clear Epoxy Countertop Resin

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Water Clear Epoxy Countertop Resin Overview

Our Water Clear Countertop Epoxy Resin is specially designed for use on countertops & bartops.
It is solvent free, high build, high gloss & U.V stabilised. It is also odour-free, non-flammable & user-friendly.
Add pigment & metallic effects for stunning resin-art, creative flooring & countertops.
The excellent clarity & transparency makes the resin system particularly suitable for the protection & decoration of :

  • Wood & Timber
  • Countertops
  • Worktops
  • Tabletops

Mixing and Application
Thoroughly mix the resin and the hardener according to the indicated mixing ratio, avoiding air entrapment and make certain that the material at the bottom and sides of the container is well stirred into the centre. Vacuuming the mixed material will help produce a void free cured part. The two components should be mixed and applied within the pot life.

Cure and Post Cure
The system is designed to be used & cured at room temperature. Smaller, thinner castings will take longer to cure than larger, thicker castings. Samples cast in cold conditions will also take longer to cure. If the product is softer than expected, allow more time to cure, or heat gently at 30 – 40°C. It is not necessary, but if desired, a step wise post cure treatment can be used to maximise cured properties. Allow the product to cure at room temperature for at least 24 hours, then heat to 40°C for 1 hour, followed by 60°C for 1 hour, followed by 80°C for 3 hours. To prevent any distortion during the post cure cycle, the part should be placed on a conformer. When post-curing is complete, let the unit cool down slowly to room temperature, preferably in the oven. Sudden change in temperature can cause distortion or warping. Heating the cured part can cause a small degree of yellowing.  

Pigment Paste

Opaque or translucent polyester pigment pastes can be used to colour the resin if desired. Both should be stirred into the resin before adding the catalyst.

  • Polyester pigment can also be added to epoxy resin at no more than 5% by weight. 
Brand Trade Paints
Application Pouring, Casting, Brush, Roller
Working Time 10-12 Mins
Gel Time - Mixed Resin 20-25 Mins
Gel Time - 5mm Castings 3.5-4 Hours
Drying Time 5-6 Hours
Curing Time 48 Hours
Pot Life 8 Hours
Recommended Casting Thickness 5 - 35mm
Coverage 1m² @ 0.5mm Thickness
Mix Ratio 1:1 By Volume
Size 4.75Kg
Finish High Gloss
MPN WC/E/C/Res/475