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Welcome to Paints4Trade's comprehensive range of high-end water based floor paints! We provide a wide assortment of the best floor painting products for home and professional applications. Here you will find an abundance of kits with improved properties that make them suitable for internal use in poor ventilation premises. Certified water based paint for concrete floor is eco-friendly and meets all hygiene standards, providing surfaces with extensive wear-resistance and attractive appearance. Check out a collection of premium water based floor paints from trusted manufacturers to make renovation and repair processes more comfortable and straightforward!

Epoxy and Acrylic Water Based Floor Paint UK

Water based floor paints are an inexpensive material with a wide range of applications beyond construction and renovation. The demand for products is due to their eco-friendliness, health safety, and ease of use, even in the absence of appropriate skills. Water based concrete floor paint is a mixture of fillers diluted with water. It provides a faster drying time than other floor products and tolerates wet cleaning well. The formed film makes the coated surface resistant to atmospheric and chemical influences, mechanical and physical loads.

Epoxy and acrylic water based floor paint products don't have a pungent odour and do not emit toxic substances. It is noteworthy that passing air makes the compounds the best solution for a decorative overcoating that protects the surface from mould, fungi, and mildew formation. Thus, water based floor paints are great for use in places with high humidity. However, products do not have resistance to low temperatures, so they are more suitable for internal use. Formulations also provide minimal fire-resistance for surfaces, so you can use them with flammable materials to improve their properties.

Features of Water Based Paint for Concrete Floor

Epoxy and acrylic water based floor paints initially look like a thick syrup, which you can dilute to the desired consistency with water just before use. After painting, moisture evaporates from the surface, leaving a durable waterproofing layer. The main active components of water based concrete floor paint are:

  • shade-forming pigment;

  • film former, which creates a stable and robust polymer layer that holds all other ingredients;

  • a filler that enhances the performance of water based paint for concrete floor;

  • additional substances manufactured to regulate technological processes of components interaction.

Besides, acrylic water based floor paint may contain additives that improve specific properties of the composition. For example, anti-slip fillers additionally reinforce the top layer of the surface, providing additional slip resistance. Water based epoxy floor paint for road marking has increased wear resistance, which is vital for high traffic areas, parking lots, and playgrounds. 

If you search for water-based floor paint with unique properties, you can seek advice from Paints4Trade experts. Our consultants will help you find the perfect product for your individual needs. We will suggest the most suitable water based floor paints or specialised fillers and additional tools to improve their performance.

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Our experts also can advise you which product is best suited for concrete, brick, wood, or metal and select a composition with improved properties and extra materials that simplify repair works. We guarantee transparent pricing, convenient payment methods, and fast UK-wide delivery options.