Bus, Coach, Commercial & Vehicle Paint

An extensive range of vehicle paints ideal for commercial, coach, Landrovers and Military vehicles.
Available in U.V anti-corrosive resistant durable primers and finishes in 100's of colours. Topcoats available in matt, satin and high gloss for the perfect finish.

There are certain requirements that need to be borne in mind for commercial vehicles - such as buses - that don't necessarily apply to other vehicles. That is certainly the case when you come to paint them, which is why you should look first to paints4trade.com when you require any of an extensive range of commercial paints.

It might be dedicated horsebox/trailer paint, caravan paint or tyre black paint that you need, or you may desire our advice on the most suitable primer for your particular requirements before purchasing. Indeed, we can guide you right through our range, also rapidly and safely delivering your chosen commercial paints to wherever you are based in the UK.