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#1 Automotive Paint UK 

Do you want to transform your car, hide flaws, or paint it after repair? In all these cases, you need automotive paint to help improve the appearance of the vehicle entirely or partially. Moreover, the right vehicle paint will create a protective coating that is UV and environmental resistant. Paints4Trade offers turnkey solutions for commercial, coach, landrovers, and military vehicles. You will also find over 100 vehicle paint colours and shades available in satin, gloss, and matte finishes.

High-Quality Car Paint UK for Touch Up & Complete Finishing

As with any item, colour coating of the vehicle is subject to wear and tear and needs regular updating to maintain an attractive look with automotive paint used. Thus, car paints are not only in high demand but also perform a wide range of useful functions. The top layer protects the vehicle from minor mechanical damage and climatic effects, prolonging the service life of the car.

Specialised automotive paint is one of the main components of a high-quality painting of auto body parts, which consists of many stages. It is also essential to consider the vehicle type and the conditions of operation that require specific properties for the product used. However, whether you change the car colour entirely or use an automotive paint touch up for minor repairs, you should choose the product of the best quality to achieve long-lasting results.


Wide Assortment of Automotive Paint from Paints4Trade

The variety of materials available in a vehicle paint shop has a range of prices and properties. That is why Paints4Trade has grouped the available automotive paints into several categories to help you select the most suitable products and get them quickly throughout the UK.


  • Bus, coach, and commercial vehicle paints that include versatile kit, satin paint for chassis, heat & corrosive resistant coating and primers.

  • High-quality car paints for landrover vehicles with products for chassis & tyres, anti-corrosive primers, and metal paints.

  • Wear-resistant military vehicle paints that include products for surfaces of the heavy-duty vehicles that have to stay in top condition in all climatic conditions.

The Most Popular Types of Vehicle Paint

You will find all types of car painting & tinting products in the Paints4Trade catalogue, including the most popular colour enamels, primers, and coatings for tyres. We offer various automotive paint online sales at affordable prices, taking into account the characteristics and features of the vehicle. 


Enamel and Acrylic Car Touch Up Paint UK

These vehicle paints are popular among car owners, being the most suitable option for hand painting. These products are also ideal for operating entirely or partially, forming a coating resistant to physical and chemical factors that can retain its properties for many years. Most of the automotive paints are suitable for use with sprays. 


Automotive Primers

Undercoat paints are needed to improve adhesion between the vehicle surface and the colour layer. This type of paint provides additional protection against corrosion, smooths the filler layer, and increases the wear resistance of the topcoat. The choice of primer is also essential, and so we offer certified products from trusted and reliable manufacturers.


Buy Paint for Vehicle Online 

The car will remain your favourite driving assistant for a long time, if you take care of it regularly – check for corrosion on body parts, repair minor damage, and renew the upper coating layers promptly. Purchasing a suitable automotive paint prolongs the car lifespan and saves you from additional problems and expenses. Paints4Trade provides a wide range of high-grade paint and primers for various types of vehicles. A convenient site search and qualified consultants are always ready to help you make the right choice, delivering your order throughout the UK carefully.