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Highest Quality Paints by Trade Paints UK Limited

In case you are looking for a solid and trusted UK paint brand, the highest quality paints and coatings by Trade Paints UK Ltd are your best solution. Trade Paints Ltd is our own brand of premium-quality and super durable trade paints and coatings for long-lasting results. This is a reliable domestic and industrial paint brand UK that manufactures high-end painting products ideal for all applications: primers, epoxies, polyurethanes, floor paints & many more, all available in the 1000s of colours. We offer exceptional paints and coatings for domestic, trade & industrial use accompanied by expert technical advice. Take a look at our product range or contact us right now, and we will do our best to find the most suitable product for your next project!

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Trade Paints Ltd - #1 Paint Brand in the UK

If you are wondering what is the best quality paint brand UK, meet the Trade Paints Ltd and its specialised paints and coatings for all possible industrial and domestic painting needs! Incorporated in 1997, Trade Paints UK offers customers the highest quality paints and guarantees competitive prices and fast & convenient UK-wide delivery. As the UK's top paint manufacturer and supplier, Trade Paints UK Ltd provides professional and DIY paints and coatings suitable for different surfaces. The extensive range of our products boasts a super simple application, extreme durability, and long-lasting performance. Here at Paints4Trade, you can find a diversity of metal, marine, maintenance, floor, and vehicle paints and coatings by Trade Paints UK.

Highest Quality Paints for Your Industrial & Domestic Needs

No matter how big or small is your renovation or decoration job, it is essential to use the best and the most durable painting products and accessories to get the job done perfectly. Moreover, poor and improper materials can entirely spoil your painting process and unexpectedly increase the budget for your residential or commercial repairs. Although choosing a favourable paint brand is often a matter of personal preference, every niche has top manufacturers with years of expertise and an outstanding reputation. Therefore, when it comes to effective and easy to use paints and coatings, Trade Paints UK comes as the only option that doesn't have the same good and reliable alternatives.

Trade Paints Ltd is synonymous with excellent quality. This UK paints brand offers a selection of top-notch epoxy, water-based, enamel, resin, oxide, polyurethane, and vinyl paints, primers, sealers, thinners, and coatings with anti-corrosive, anti-slip, heat-resistant, and many other excellent features. Thanks to a vast assortment of products, Trade Paints can offer the best option for almost every surface and purpose. Trade Paints UK Limited has tons of splendid 5-star trade paints reviews. Therefore, we are confident to present this domestic and industrial paint brand as the manufacturer of the most high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable paints and coatings.

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Suppose you need durable paint for gate and railing, marine deck, boat & barge, military vehicle, chassis, kennel floor, shed and barn, cladding, canoe, caravan, doorstep, plant & machinery, fire grate, wheel, roof, or for any other purpose. In that case, you will indeed find the right product in the assortment of the highest quality paints and coatings by Trade Paints UK Ltd. All the paints from Trade Paints have impressive colour charts, so you can easily pick the most suitable option for any design theme. 

Moreover, Trade Paints Ltd offers convenient paint pack sizes. You can purchase your very best paint available in 1, 2.5, 5, and 20-litre packs; just check the possible pack sizes for a particular product you need. In case you have any questions about Trade Paints UK Limited and our highest quality paints and coatings, feel free to get in touch with us. Paints4Trade's specialists are always on hand with you to provide all the necessary information. Call us on 0845 838 2225!