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Thermoguard Paints and Varnishes UK

Are you looking for premium-quality and effective fire paints to complete your next project? Do you need excellent fireproof flame retardant & intumescent paints? Paints4Trade has something superior to offer! We supply a range of premier paints and varnishes from Thermoguard UK. Thermoguard paints and coatings are first-class solutions that aim to help you decorate and complete fire protection systems for portal frame buildings. Whether you need supreme intumescent coatings for steel & timber, clear fire varnishes, intumescent paints for walls and ceilings or flame retardant paints, you will indeed find the most suitable option in our extensive online catalogue.

Thermoguard manufactures and supplies intumescent coatings for steel and timber, flame retardant paints, clear fire varnish and intumescent coatings for walls and ceilings. 
A range of decorative flame retardant paint finishes protect, decorate and complete fire protection systems for portal frame buildings.
Thermoguard flame retardant paints and intumescent paints assist in the control of fire hazards caused by combustible materials by releasing a flame extinguishing gas.

Once your project is complete, use our simple online process to get your FREE Fire Certificate. Most of our customers need a Fire Certificate to show that the work has been done correctly and the correct product used.

These certificates are most often referred to as a “Fire Certificate” but in fact are really a certificate of supply. They indicate the amount of product supplied and the fire rating that this quantity of product would achieve over an agreed specified surface area/substrate. After your application is approved:  

Thermoguard will then supply the certificate Free of Charge by email. All that remains is for the contractor to confirm by signature that the product was applied correctly in accordance with the relevant instructions and data sheets.   There are many people who may need this certification: Building Managers, Insurance Companies, Building Control Departments etc. Thermoguard  quickly issue a certificate of supply that is universally recognised and accepted.

Not only is it easy to apply for the certificate, it is also free of charge and normally supplied to you by email within five days.


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Fireproof Thermoguard Paints and Varnishes

Keeping your property safe is of vital importance, and therefore you need quality and reliable products that can guarantee the best possible results. Thermoguard paints and varnishes come as the most valuable solution as they provide excellent protection against corrosion, insulation, and fire. We stock the entire range of the best Thermoguard products, and in case you need specific product details, you can always find all the necessary information in the Thermoguard paint data sheet.

At Paints4Trade, you can choose from the highest quality Thermoguard paints, basecoats and varnishes explicitly designed for timber and structural steel. We are also ready to help you pick the right option for protecting your walls and ceilings, as our product range boasts anti-viral smoke and flame retardant basecoats and topcoats that will perfectly suit your project requirements.


Get a Thermoguard Paint Certificate for Free

Flame retardant paints and fireproof intumescent paints from Thermoguard manufacturer assist in the control of fire hazards caused by combustibles by releasing a flame extinguishing gas. In our collection, you can choose Thermoguard intumescent paint for steel, Thermoguard fire paint, Thermoguard fire retardant paint, Thermoguard intumescent paint, Thermoguard flame retardant topcoat, and a selection of Thermoguard fire varnishes at the most affordable price. 

Moreover, by opting for Paints4Trade, you can buy premium Thermoguard paints and then apply for a free Fire Certificate. The Thermoguard paint certificate is primarily suitable for insurance companies, building managers, and Building Control Departments. It helps to show that all the work has been done properly and with the right product used. Once your project is completed, feel free to use the link below. You just need to go through a fast and straightforward online process, after which you will receive the certificate from the Thermoguard manufacturer by email.




Buy Thermoguard Paints, Coatings & Varnishes Online

Our collection of Thermoguard paints, coatings and varnishes consists of top-notch products that meet the highest quality standards. We supply a line of perfect intumescent fireproof paints for steel and cast iron and offer special fire-retardant paints for wood and timber. In our catalogue, you can choose from interior & exterior intumescent overcoats, thermoproof interior & exterior wood fluids, door upgrade kits, decorative flame retardant gloss and eggshell paint finishes, as well as quality paint strippers and thermoproof interior sealers.

Additionally, we supply a select line of Thermoguard paints for walls and ceilings. Thus, you can also find a series of weather and wash resistant paints for interior and exterior timber when exposed to fire. All the products from the Thermoguard brand boast a simple application, and so they can be implemented with a brush, roller, or spray. There are clear coatings as well as paints with an extensive colour palette. Paints4Trade always offers clients reasonable pricing and outstanding customer service. Therefore, please feel free to contact us if you need any help with the product choice or have any questions regarding the Thermoguard paint certificate. We are always glad to assist you!