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Premium Chiminea, Stove and BBQ Paints

If you are looking for a top-quality heat-proof paint to provide the highest level of protection to a surface exposed to high levels of heat, the online catalogue of Paints4Trade is your best match. We stock a selection of premium BBQ paints, stove paints, and chiminea paints for your special projects of different size and complexity. Our range of matt black paints for BBQs, stoves & chimineas boasts superior heat-resistant products suitable for wood log burners and fire grates. Browse the collection and purchase the best paint for chiminea, paint for BBQ grill grates, or wood burning stove paint UK online right now!

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High-Quality Stove, Chiminea and BBQ Paints for Sale

Due to frequent exposure to heat and extremely high temperatures, BBQs, stoves, and chimineas may lose their initial look and feel. Nevertheless, maintaining a chiminea, BBQ, or stove in perfect condition is a simple task if you opt for premium-quality painting products and accessories. Paints4Trade offers premier solutions for taking care of such specific equipment.


Top-Notch Paint for BBQ

We offer outstanding BBQ paint from TradePaints, our own premium-quality paint brand with an excellent reputation and tons of positive customer reviews. Our paint for BBQ grill grates is an air-drying, durable coating designed for high temperatures up to 600°C. The paint boasts a straightforward application and is ideal for exterior use. You can apply our heat resistant paint for BBQ with a brush, spray, or roller; all these application methods will ensure a fast and easy painting workflow. The BBQ paint from Paints4Trade comes in 1, 2.5, and 5-litre pack sizes. The drying time is one hour, while the overcoating time is 24 hours.


Superior Stove Paint

If you are looking for an ideal paint for stoves, this durable and practical wood burning stove paint is your one-stop solution. The product is suitable for direct application onto steel surfaces such as wood-burning stoves & log burners and can be implemented with the help of a roller, spray & brush. It is a superior heat-resistant stove paint UK that is equally suitable for interior and exterior use. Regarding the stove paint colours, here at Paints4Trade, you can buy protective and decorative coatings for your stove in matt black. The paint dries in 60 minutes, and you can add one more layer in 24 hours.


Excellent Paint for Chiminea

Paints4Trade is happy to introduce heat resistant paint for chimineas. The product is perfect for the direct application onto steel, and so fits external metal chimineas and fire pits. This durable and easy-to-apply chiminea paint represents a matt black coating with protective and decorative features. The paint is ideal for exterior use, being ready to resist high temperatures up to 600°C. Moreover, you can choose from three convenient product pack sizes — 1 litre, 2.5 litres, and 5 litres.


First-Class Fire Grate Paint

If you need quality fire grate paint from a reliable manufacturer, take a look at outstanding paint for fire grates available in the catalogue of Paints4Trade. Our products are entirely resistant to heat and high temperatures. Paint for fire grates, fire surround grates, and fire baskets come as a specific air-drying coating with excellent decorative and protective properties. Moreover, the paint boasts a seamless application and can be selected for both interior and exterior use. Feel free to apply the paint with a spray, roller & brush.


Buy Top Chiminea, Stove and BBQ Paints Online

You can find heat-resistant paint for BBQs in our catalogue, top-notch paint for stoves, heat resistant paint for chimineas, and superior fire grate paint, all available in matt black. Each type of paint has particular properties that make it an ideal option for painting your stove, BBQ, grill grates, fire grates, or chiminea. Choose the paint type you need from the BBQ paints, stove paints and chiminea paints in our catalogue and select the most suitable option for your project!