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Sports Paints

Sports paints are the perfect way to protect your sporting surfaces. These coatings are designed to provide protection against water, salt, oils and even chemicals that come in contact with the surface. It's also important to note that these coatings can last for up to 10 years plus! These types of paint are also perfect for line marking.

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Full range of Sports Court Paints

Paints4Trade supply you with an extensive range of sports paints products for the refurbishment of sport facilities, such as Tennis Courts, Sports Court, Gym Halls, Netball Courts, Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA), Playgrounds ect. If you have the job of maintaining Sports Courts or are responsible for a Sports Court yourself then you need not look further. We offer you Sports Paints, LineMarking (Striping), Sealants and Fungicidal Cleaners. Our Tennis Court Paints, Squash Court Paint, Swimming Pool Paints and Line Markings are available in a range of standard stock colours as well as special mix colours on request.

Type of Sports Paints

Sports Paints are also available in many different types. These include, acrylic polymer emulsion paints, water-based acrylic polymer paint, vinyl acrylic copolymer sports line marking paint and polyurethane or epoxy resin paints.

Acrylic Polymer Emulsion Paint is the most commonly used type of paint for indoor sports courts as well as outdoor courts. Generally it is also the cheapest, this makes this type of paint a popular choice for refurbishment projects. However, acrylic polymer emulsion paints aren't very durable and will only last between 1-2 years in wet conditions.

Water based acrylic polymer paint doesn't contain any solvents and therefore emits significantly less odours. It also has a low VOC content which makes it more environmentally friendly compared to other paints. This type of paint is tougher, more durable and will last up to 3-5 years in wet conditions.

Vinyl acrylic copolymer sports line marking paint is the most durable type of paint available and therefore offers you the best possible protection against the elements. This type of paint is also highly abrasion resistant which makes it perfect for line marking on Sports Court, MUGA and Playgrounds.

Polyurethane or Epoxy Resin Paints are the most popular choice when you require a specialist finish for your court surfacing or line marking. They offer a high gloss finish which will leave your facility with that professionally painted look. These types of paints are also available in many different colours which can be used for line marking.

Our Offering of Sports Paints

It is critical that Sports Courts, play areas, and the surrounding environment are kept in excellent shape. The condition of a court or play area is extremely important when it comes to achieving a finish that communicates high-quality upkeep, whether it's being utilized by professionals or amateurs.

Paints4Trade provides a huge selection of branded goods for a variety of sports. Paints4Trade strives to deliver you with the best brand-named products available. These products have high performance and maximum protection. Sports paints supplied by Paints4Trade adhere to health and safety standards and are easy to use for everyone who uses them.

Paints4Trade supply you with the best possible sports paints for indoor and outdoor courts, Squash Court Paints, Tennis Court Paints, Sports Line Marking (Striping) Paint , Playground Paints, MUGA Line Marking paint and Swimming Pool Paints. As well as this we also supply you with line marking equipment such as stencils for marking out your lines, grip granules to help reduce slipping, surfacing paints for wooden floors etc. We offer all of these products at very competitive prices.