Sherwin-Williams (formerly Leighs Paints) is a world leader in asset protection. Committed to developing and delivering innovative coatings and unparalleled services to help protect your assets from highly corrosive and hostile environments.

The Sherwin-Williams Company was founded in Ohio in 1884. The firm expanded during the late 19th and early 20th centuries through acquisitions and growth. In the early 1920s, the business became the biggest protective coatings manufacturer in America. Sherwin-Williams acquired the UK company 'Leigh Paints' in 2011 which had over 150 years experience in the protective coatings industry.

Industry specific paints by Sherwin-Williams Paint and Coatings

Sherwin-Williams specialise in paints and protective coatings for a wide variety of industries and markets.


Sherwin-Williams make a wide range of coatings for use on steelwork, concrete flooring. They specifically offer protective coverings for specific use cases like Structural steelwork (Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 400 - Formerly Leighs Epigrip C400V3), passive fire protection, floor coatings and resins as well as innovating products for the Bridge, Rail and Highways industries.


Sherwin-Williams offer a range of protective coatings to protect against corrosion on gas and oil platforms, pipelines and onshore facilities. They have a specific line of products for the transportation side of the energy industry as well as providing coatings for power station piping systems.

Gas refineries, gas plants, petrochemical factories, pipeline segments and tank storage must accommodate a variety of fossil fuel sources and feedstocks that bring with them a slew of undesirable situations (e.g., higher process temperatures, corrosion beneath insulation or LNG processing bottlenecks due to low temperature gradients).

Sherwin-Williams Protective and Marine uses tried-and-true, tough technologies like glass flake epoxies alongside cutting-edge ones such as polyaspartic (Sherwin Williams Macropoxy P100 - Formerly Leighs Pipeguard). These coatings provide solutions that are both effective and efficient, including HTHP (high temperature high pressure) rapid return to service linings to general pipe coatings that adapt to a wide range of temperatures.


Sherwin-Williams specialise in coatings for use on board ships and barges. They offer a range of products to protect the hull against corrosion, as well as offering coating systems for decking and mooring equipment (Sherwin Williams Dura-Plate 301W Surface Tolerant Epoxy). They manufacture a variety of products specifically for the Ministry of Defence within the marine paint and coatings industry.

Sherwin-Williams coatings are designed to protect the hull of a ship or barge from corrosion. They have a range of products that are specifically designed for use in offshore industries. The coatings are designed to be long-lasting and provide protection against the harsh environment.

The decking and mooring equipment on a ship can also be coated with Sherwin-Williams products. This will help to protect these parts from corrosion and keep them in good condition for longer. The coatings are also resistant to UV damage, meaning they will not fade in the sun.


Sherwin-Williams offers a variety of flooring systems and coatings specifically designed to meet the needs of your project. Their flooring systems are available in a variety of colours and finishes, and our coatings are formulated to provide durable protection against industrial wear and tear and chemical spillages.