#1 Road Marking Paint UK 

The primary purposes of road marking paint are to ensure the safety of drivers, passengers & pedestrians, and concern for the protection of people's health and life in any condition. Besides, the main road is continuously exposed to heavy loads and environmental factors. Therefore, it is necessary to apply only high-quality paint and varnish products that retain their properties for road marking at any time.

Explore the Paints4Trade range of road line marking paints to find the right products for the main road, parking lots, pavements, playgrounds & sports fields. All available products are certified, and you can use them even for areas with increased cross-country ability.

Best Road Marking Paints

What could be simpler than drawing a road marking? Is it enough to choose any white or yellow paint, a suitable brush and draw lines in a few hours? No, as such solutions can't boast a long-lasting performance. Moreover, slippery and uneven surfaces can cause an accident. Therefore, experienced specialists recommend using a special paint for road line marking, which has particular features:

  • High wear resistance. The painted coating should be resistant to various negative factors, such as precipitation, ultraviolet & mechanical loads.
  • Additional security. The protective layer of car park paints is a buffer between the road surface and the car's wheels. Therefore, it should have anti-slip properties.
  • The convenience of use. Areas with high traffic are in high demand, so professionals have to apply the markup quickly. Thus, road marking paints should not only dry quickly but also be easy to use.

High-Quality Paint for Road Marking 

The features of paint for road marking are not limited to its underlying properties. There are many additional nuances for materials used, depending on the operating conditions and law requirements. Choosing products from Paints4Trade, you are guaranteed to buy road marking paint that meets high safety standards.

  • All presented car park paints are quick-drying. The drying time of each product is less than one hour, and the overcoating time is not more than four hours. Besides, the painted surface dries quickly, regardless of air temperature.
  • The lines drawn with paint for road marking have excellent visibility in all weather conditions (rain, fog, hoarfrost, etc.). It is possible thanks to the use of persistent pigments and fluorescent microparticles.
  • Using thermoplastic road marking paint takes a little time, suggesting application with a brush, roller, or spray. You can also explore the range of aerosol paints and a set of stencils.
  • The presented products are resistant not only to the harmful effects of weather conditions but also to temperature extremes and chemicals.
  • The painted layer retains all its properties both on playgrounds with a low movement and on the main road with high throughput, without disturbing the natural adhesion to the road surface.
  • Road marking paint UK is presented in a wide range of bright colours and has an affordable price. Besides, the staining process involves a small consumption of the product used.    

Types & Application Features of Road Marking Paints 

The choice of car park line marking paint having different properties depends on several factors:

  • conditionals for road using;
  • intensity of the roadway use;
  • presence of complicated turns;
  • the quality of the roadway (pits, potholes, cracks);
  • carriageway dimensions and types of marking lines (for example, heavy-duty marking paint is suitable for marking signs, and thermoplastic tapes are useful for marking borders);
  • climatic conditions.

Experts usually use a white road marking paint, as it contrasts with the grey-black road surface. Nevertheless, the modern market also offers products with other colours (yellow, red, etc.), more suitable for decorating playgrounds and indoor parking lots. Also, it is necessary to use a thermoplastic road marking paint with reflective properties for coatings that should be visible at night and in low artificial light. 

Heavy Duty Road Marking Paints

The wear-resistant paints for road line marking are straightforward in the application and come in ready-to-use formulations. You can use these products in their original form or dilute them with a solvent to obtain the desired consistency. You can also purchase aerosol solutions that are more convenient for application to industrial concrete coatings. Road line marking paint dries quickly and does not require preliminary surface preparation. However, we recommend painting surfaces in dry weather. Thermoplastic paint for road marking made of chlorinated rubber has high adhesion and wear resistance. It is suitable for metal, concrete & asphalt pavements that are subject to constant loads, such as motorways, parking & playgrounds. Also, rubber road marking paint is resistant to moisture and chemicals.

Reflective Paint

Road marking paints reflecting light are suitable not only for marking the main road but also for runways of airfields and bicycle paths. In addition to the primary purpose, you can use this product to draw markings on paving stones, pedestrian walkways, parking lots & public transport parking lots. Reflective thermoplastic road line marking paint is also suitable for designating evacuation systems in industrial buildings and other types of materials like plastic, metal, wood, glass, and fibreglass.

Paints for Playgrounds & Indoor Areas

When choosing road line marking paints for playgrounds, remember that coverage should be environmentally friendly, without emitting toxic fumes. It also should be durable, good-looking, and resistant to weather factors at any time of the year. The road marking paint for playgrounds offered by Paints4Trade is safe for children and pets, resulting in a wear-resistant coating with a low odour. The product is suitable for painting any surface and has a wide range of bright colours. 

Besides, you can buy road paint with an improved anti-slip effect achieved using a particular agent. Sprinkle substance onto the wet coating and cover it by the upper layer. You can apply the composition with a brush, roller, or spray, which is especially convenient for coating complex structures and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Road Marking Paint for Sale Online

The choice of road marking paint for sale is essential and requires a serious approach to studying the parameters of materials, operating characteristics, and climatic conditions. When you consider all the nuances, the coating used can hold out for a long time, preserving colour and integrity under various loads. Each product presented in the Paints4Trade catalogue is a high-quality product with high wear resistance and unique properties. You can also always seek the advice of our experts to choose the coating that works best.