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The use of original & certified raw materials guarantees products' premium quality and competitive prices. Check out our catalogue of available Polyester & Epoxy Resins. Manufactured & supplied by paints4trade. Quality, superior products at affordable prices!

Polyester & Epoxy Fibreglass Resin for Sale

Ready-made polyester and epoxy fibreglass GRP resins come as an excellent option for multiple repair applications. After adding the hardener, the transparency decreases, and the material thickens. Fully cured epoxy fibreglass resin forms a hard, wear-resistant coating that can be easily applied to paints and varnishes. The unique properties inherent in this product make it indispensable for domestic, commercial, and industrial use. Moreover, epoxy fibreglass resin is also popular among the military and shipbuilding industries. It can be used as a sealant and load-bearing material for machinery and vehicles and a filler for car primers and putties.

Paints4Trade offers a comprehensive range of fibreglass resins and additional products covering all building and renovation painting needs. In our catalogue, you will find top-quality and certified products that will make surface restoration processes as comfortable as possible. Moreover, water clear epoxy resins for tabletop, countertop, and penny floors enhance our extensive range. 

Unique Properties and Benefits of GRP Resins

Epoxy and polyester fibreglass resins are ideal for potting work. Clear and white compounds are used for casting window sills, roofs, cornices, and even more. The addition of pigments and fillers makes polyester fibreglass resin an excellent raw material for decorative interior and exterior elements. The increased demand for high-quality fibreglass resin kit is because the hardened coating has:

  • low thermal conductivity with improved thermal insulation properties;

  • moisture resistance and waterproofing properties that retain their characteristics even in high humidity conditions;

  • fantastic durability – products made of fibreglass resins are resistant to mechanical and physical stress, keeping all their properties for a long time, regardless of operating conditions and loads frequency;

  • resistance to heat and temperature drops;

  • resistant to UV and chemical attack, including acidic and alkaline environments, as well as seawater;

  • incredible adhesion – fibreglass resins work equally well on different surface materials;

  • dielectric features – GRP resins do not conduct electric current, which allows them to be used as a building material and an insulator.

Top-Quality GRP Resins for Building Repair Applications

A wide range of applications, versatility, durability, ease of use, and affordable price of fibreglass resins make them multi-functional tools indispensable for building repair applications. Firstly, epoxy fibreglass resin boasts fantastic adhesion to bond any material, including low-adhesion metal and plastic. Secondly, GRP products with chopped strand fibreglass matting form a unique material suitable for reinforcing, thermal and waterproofing walls, roofs, and ceilings. The decorative properties of transparent fibreglass resins make it a perfect finishing material to overcoat or recreate a unique texture. In any case, the material is safe for people and doesn't require any specialised skills for the use.

Buy Fibreglass Resins Online

Although epoxy and polyester fibreglass resins are similar materials with the same benefits, there are several differences you should keep in mind. The epoxy products are more durable and have a longer hardening time. Polyester fibreglass resin is cheaper and offers a quick response, but has significant shrinkage. Paints4Trade recommends customers to be guided by the conditions for further surface use when choosing a fibreglass resin, including various loads and the area size to be coated.

If the variety of fibreglass resin for sale makes it challenging to choose the best option, you can always turn to our experts for competent advice. We are happy to help you find the perfect GRP resin product that will significantly extend the surfaces and constructions lifespan. Affordable prices, high-end fibreglass resins quality, and fast delivery throughout the UK are guaranteed.