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Polyester Resin

Polyester & Fibreglass resins are widely used for boat building, boat repair, industrial application like machine repair, domestic & roofing applications. Polyester resin is a versatile, tolerant material that can be used by professionals & DIY'ers alike.

Lloyd's Approved resin is a multipurpose Polyester Resin used in a number of applications. Most commonly it is used in potable water storage, boat & pond repair. Available in a selection of sizes, suitable for all fibreglass projects large or small.

Roofing resin contains extra flexible additives in comparison to other Polyester Resins which provides additional properties which are very beneficial to flat roofing. These additives allow the flat roof build to adjust to climate changes which allows for expansion & contraction. Polyester Roof resin has the ability to withstand light foot fall when applied with a roof Flowcoat.

Water clear Polyester casting resin is used in the art & craft industry in the creation of many ornamental pieces including jewellery, paper weights, model making, preservation of flowers & other organic material. 

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