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Craft Casting & Fibreglass Polyester Resins

Are you looking for effective polyester resin UK? Do you need high-quality fibreglass and casting resins to complete your next project? Welcome to the online catalogue of Paints4Trade! We supply outstanding craft casting and fibreglass polyester resins at a super affordable price for you to enjoy seamless and hassle-free repairs. In our range, polyester and fibreglass resins come as your most cost-effective solution for boat building & repair, domestic and roofing applications, machine repairs, and any other industrial application. 

Our resin for fibreglass is a versatile, premium-quality & tolerant material that can be used by professionals and DIY'ers alike. View out the assortment and choose the most suitable polyester resin for casting right now!

Premium Fibreglass and Casting Polyester Resins

Poly resins or polyester resins are quality products that represent durable substances used for a diversity of manufacturing projects, including pond & swimming pool production, boat building, model making parts manufacturing, and more. Polyester fibreglass resins from Paints4Trade have a high saturation effect, which means that they can be seamlessly bonded with glass fibres. 

We offer fast-curing casting resins that boast resistance to weather, water, weak non-oxidising acids, and aqueous salt solutions. Our casting polyester resins have a broad scope of use. They are suitable for casting bumpers and gutters as well as for plastic components repair. Additionally, affordable and effective polyester fibreglass resins in our catalogue can be applied for:

  • Marine industry;

  • Home building and general construction;

  • Outdoor furniture manufacturing;

  • Aircraft and vehicle repairs, etc.

Buy the Best Polyester Resins at Paints4Trade

As a trusted and leading UK polyester resin supplier, Paints4Trade offers the first-class fibreglass and casting resins that will perfectly meet your project requirements. Trade Paints UK manufactures all the polyester fibreglass resins in our catalogue. Therefore, we can guarantee you will be surely satisfied with the results of your minor & significant repairs and castings. 

Moreover, by purchasing resin for fibreglass at Paints4Trade, you get a quality liquid hardener, a proper catalyst for all our premium polyester resins UK. Our polyester resin for casting is available in two package variations — 5Kg pack with 100g of catalyst and 20Kg pack with 500g of a suitable catalyst. The gel time is 16-20 minutes, and you can apply the chosen product with a brush, roller or spray.

General Purpose Fibreglass Marine Polyester Resin

Our fibreglass marine polyester resin is a Lloyds Registry approved product that boasts excellent quality and is suitable for a range of marine applications. It is a thixotropic, orthophthalic poly resin that aims to provide high-quality mouldings and comes packed with a responsive MEKP catalyst. The product can also be used for boat construction and repairs and is popular worldwide.

General Purpose Fibreglass Polyester Resin

It is a premium-quality resin for fibreglass used for a diversity of general purposes like moulding, boat repairs, boat construction, timber sheathing casting, roofing, and more. Being a fully pre-accelerated product, it is also a Lloyds Registry approved and low styrene solution.

General Purpose Fibreglass Roof Polyester Resin

This polyester fibreglass resin from Trade Paints is a first-class product that is great for flat roofing, roof repairs, and various roof applications. It is a Lloyds Registry approved resin that perfectly withstands thermal expansion and climate changes. 

Water Clear Polyester Casting Resin

This casting resin is perfect for the art and craft industry, allowing you to create various ornamental pieces and paperweights, preserve multiple organic materials, etc. It also can be used for designing in-style streams of waterfalls. The product is UV stabilised, which means that it is suitable for fulfilling different outdoor projects.

Our extensive catalogue offers a range of premium polyester fibreglass resins that boast excellent durability. In case you have any questions or need help choosing the most suitable product for your project, please contact us. Our specialists are always glad to assist you!