Plant and Machinery Paints

Industrial and factory premises cope with enormous loads daily, being exposed to multiple physical and chemical factors. That is why the protection of specific structures and equipment is paramount to ensure a safe and comfortable operating environment. Paints4Trade offers a massive range of versatile and specialised plant and machinery paints to keep any industrial area free from environmental influences. You will find a large selection of anti-corrosion products, high hardness finishes, heat-resistant enamels, zinc phosphate primers, and more. All available products are certified and offer a range of machinery paint colours.


High-Quality Paint for Machinery 

Available plant paints come as a particular mixture of specific additives, pigments, and fillers that form an ultra-durable coating on the surfaces of professional equipment, industrial and farm machinery of any type. The film formed after painting the surface retains its visual appeal for a long time, providing reliable protection of structures from: 

  • temperature changes that contribute to metal deformation;

  • steam and moisture;

  • UV radiation;

  • mechanical and physical damage;

  • the chemical effects, including acidic and alkaline solutions, seawater;

  • aggressive climatic conditions;

  • corrosion, rust;

  • algae and other harmful microorganisms.


You will find all kinds of machinery paints in our catalogue, including all-in-one primers & enamels for metallic structures, as well as functional products for painting individual machines with unique properties. Besides, you can always contact our consultants, who will help you solve the task of any complexity associated with staining and choose the most suitable product in any particular case. 


Types & Properties of Machinery Paint UK

The range of machinery paints includes a vast selection of products such as polyurethane gloss paints, texture paints, matt and semi-matt, acrylic, epoxy, alkyd, zinc phosphate paints & speciality products. We recommend examining the detailed description of the presented items to choose the most suitable product. Additionally, you can always get a piece of advice from our experts. Pay attention to the following types of paint for machinery that are in high demand among professionals:

  • Industrial machinery paint for floor & walls safety. The products are resistant to abrasion and wear, maintaining the protective properties of surfaces with frequent use.

  • Fire & heat-resistant coating. This plant and machinery paint is suitable for structures exposed to elevated temperatures – engines ignition mods and fire retardant enclosures. You can also find intumescent products that meet current fire safety standards.

  • Heavy machinery paints with additional protection. These paints are ideal for vehicles subject to frequent stress with constant use. The fast-drying plant paint will permanently protect any equipment from harmful environmental factors.

  • Galvanised metal enamels. This machinery paint will help to protect galvanised steel coatings from corrosion and deformation by forming an airtight film.

  • Engines & farm machinery paint. It creates an ultra-durable coating on the surfaces of industrial equipment and vehicles, giving them visual appeal and protection from mechanical damage. 


Feature-Rich Paint for Machinery 

High-quality paint for machinery has superior performance to form a durable coating with enhanced protective properties. Anti-corrosion ability is inherent in all products, keeping the finish layer in top condition with prolonged exposure to harmful factors. Besides, machinery paints protect the structure from UV damage without losing the attractiveness and colour brightness for many years. 


Heavy-duty industrial machinery paint is versatile and easy to use. Thus, you can deal with painting large areas of industrial premises or spare parts of professional equipment. Interaction with plant paints is possible with the help of brushes and sprays, which ensures an even application of a thin layer of liquid mixtures. You can also choose water-based products that are odourless and ideal for painting industrial structures from the inside.


Buy Paint for Industrial Machinery Online

The Paints4Trade catalogue presents a large selection of machinery paints of all types, from oxide metal primers for adhesion and corrosion protection to tyre paint products. High-quality enamels from trusted manufacturers are available with transparent pricing and fast delivery throughout the UK. Moreover, you can find not only first-class primer and paint for machinery, but also all the necessary accessories for comfortable interaction, including various brushes, rollers, and stencils. We also offer specialised powder and granular fillers to enhance barrier performance.