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PeelAway Antifouling Paint Removal System

Peelaway Marine Antifouling Remover is specially formulated to effectively remove multiple layers of anti-foul coatings with one application saving time by reducing the need for repeated scraping.

Its patented water based poultice system means the product remains active and works without rapidly drying out. The special poultice blanket supplied enables stripped anti-foul paint to be collected easily and so reduces boatyard/dockside contamination risk. 

The light paste consistency and is easy to apply to vertical surfaces and difficult shapes. It can be applied with a brush or trowel and for larger areas an airless sprayer can be used. Always carry out a test patch before general application. Suitable for most hull types including GRP, wood, steel and concrete. 

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PeelAway was originally created in 1981 to address the difficulties posed by the removal of several layers of old lead-based paint where burning or sanding would allow lead particles to escape into the environment, posing health risks. The stripping compound is meant to transform the lead into lead hydroxide inside the paste, making it safe to dispose of without damaging the environment or user.

The peelaway poultice cover (patent protected) is used with the system, allowing the user to extend the time spent peeling. This is very beneficial where multiple layers of paint have built up in crevices and profiles rather than flat surfaces. The cover aids in the penetration of the removing paste and helps to collect waste paint and paste after it has been scraped off. This prevents undesired chemicals from escaping into the environment. The surface of the cover is also printed with signs and instructions for workers and members of the public so that they are aware that chemical paint removal is taking place.