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PeelAway 1 is the number 1 choice for professionals, specifically made for the risk free removal of old oil-based coatings specifically lead based paints typically found in areas painted before 1972. It does contain caustic elements meaning it must be carefully applied and correct safety equipment must be used. It also is not compatible with use on aluminium & it may also cause damage to some hardwoods and types of oak.

PeelAway 7 is a low odour water-based paint stripper, that is intended for use on most modern paints and varnishes found in areas painted after 1972. Fine to use on almost any surface ranging from sandstone to fibreglass. It is naturally degradable & does not contain methylene chloride or caustic soda.


PeelAway was originally created in 1981 to address the difficulties posed by the removal of several layers of old lead-based paint where burning or sanding would allow lead particles to escape into the environment, posing health risks. The stripping compound is meant to transform the lead into lead hydroxide inside the paste, making it safe to dispose of without damaging the environment or user.

The peel away paint remover poultice cover (patent protected) is used with the system, allowing the user to extend the time spent peeling. This is very beneficial where multiple layers of paint have built up in crevices and profiles rather than flat surfaces. The cover aids in the penetration of the removing paste and helps to collect waste paint and paste after it has been scraped off. This prevents undesired chemicals from escaping into the environment. The surface of the cover is also printed with signs and instructions for workers and members of the public so that they are aware that chemical paint removal is taking place.

PeelAway 1

Each project can give a different result. For this reason, it is important to do Test Patches. Leaving the test patch on for too long may damage the substrate or make it difficult to clean up.

Peelaway 1 is a high-pH product that can permeate and react with the oil/lead content of multiple layers of previous coatings, implying that the exposed surface should be neutralized with a weak acetic acid solution (supplied by the packs) and allowed to dry completely before repainting.

During moist conditions, Peelaway 1 may seep from the surface. If you paint over this, the paint will wear off quickly. To prevent this from happening, paint with a good alkaline-resistant acrylic sealant before painting again.

PeelAway 7

Peelaway 7 Paint & Varnish Remover is a water and solvent-based paste that's meant to remove more recent water-based paints. Oil and water-based paints have also given good outcomes. Peelaway 7 does not need to be neutralized, and it can be re-painted in as little as a few hours.

Peelaway 7 is a one-application, multi-layer remover for most current industrial and residential paint. It's easy to use and non-toxic, with no smell and naturally biodegradable components. It's safer to use than traditional Methylene Chloride paint strippers because it doesn't contain methyl chloride. The special paste formulation is effective on the most complicated tasks. It effectively removes paints from woodwork, plaster, bricks, masonry, and metal.

The safest and simplest technique of removing paint from veneers, plywoods, or aluminum is with Peelaway 7. It's non-caustic and won't burn skin if it comes into contact with it. Peelaway 7 should not be used on certain polycarbonates and perspex. (Test on unskimmed drywall).