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Dairy, Kennel, Cattery & Milking Parlour Paint

Are you a farmer looking for premium-quality parlour paint? Do you need an industrial surface coating to revamp your kennel or cattery? Paints4Trade has something high-end to offer! We supply a wide range of first-class parlour paints ideal to complete your next parlour painting design. Moreover, our collection contains chlorinated rubber milking parlour wall paints, anti-condensation paints, anti-damp paints, and quality masonry stabilisers. Each dairy parlour paint boasts the particular properties necessary to fulfil your project, so browse the collection and find the best paint right now!

High-Quality Parlour Paints for Sale

Maintaining a good look and feel of your livestock areas and protecting them against humidity and industrial pollution is essential for ensuring streamlined work. Paints4Trade is happy to offer hard-wearing and resilient parlour paints for different interior and exterior spaces. You can find excellent parlour paints for kennels, dairy, milking, and cleaning areas in our catalogue. 

All the products in this selection boast superior durability and outstanding resistance to moisture and chemicals, providing excellent adhesion to various surfaces, including concrete, plaster, cement, and more. Parlour paint from the Trade Paints brand is a non-yellowing product resistant to dirt and muck accumulation and available in a wide range of parlour paint colours. 


Dairy, Cattery & Milking Parlour Paint Colours

We offer premium-quality parlour paints with a vivid colour chart. Therefore, whether you need azure blue, olive green, pale cream, shell pink, bold red, light violet, anthracite grey, beige brown or traffic black parlour paint for your project, you will indeed find the best colour option in our palette. The paint also boasts a genuinely straightforward application so that you can apply the chosen paint with the help of a favourable brush, roller & spray. 

Our product boasts a pleasant satin finish and is a fast-drying paint. This dairy and milking parlour paint fully dries in 2 hours. And, if necessary, you can add another layer of the paint in 4 hours. At Paints4Trade, you can purchase the most suitable milking parlour wall paint in 1, 2.5, 5, and 20-litre pack sizes.

Additional Products for Parlour Painting

Dairy and milking parlour wall painting and parlour floor painting are essential processes that require the use of specialised, high-quality products that are entirely animal-safe. Moreover, all the tools used need to meet the highest quality standards and boast high performance and durability. In addition to premium parlour paints, Paints4Trade also supplies anti-condensation and anti-damp paints and masonry stabilisers to help you get the most out of your minor and major renovations.

Anti-Condensation Paint

If you need to prevent the formation of condensation, anti-condensation paint from Paints4Trade is your best cost-effective solution. This paint for interior use represents a white coating containing a fungicide to inhibit mould growth. In combination with reliable milking parlour wall paint, this coating will help you improve your livestock area's look and feel. You can use a suitable brush or a roller to apply our anti-condensation paint. The drying time is two hours, and the overcoating time is four hours.

Anti-Damp Paint

The anti-damp painting product we offer is white, resin-based & low-odour paint formulated for direct application to damp ceilings and walls. This paint represents a primer coating that contains a special reagent combining with the dampness and moisture of the particular surface. You can utilise brushes, rollers & sprays to apply the paint.

Masonry Stabiliser

Before painting the masonry surface with the selected parlour paint, you need to make sure it is fully prepared for the paint application. Here a quality masonry stabiliser comes in handy. This product performs binding and sealing functions, making it ideal for plaster, brick and screed surfaces. The application is possible with a suitable brush or roller. The product drying time is two hours.