Mordant Solution T Wash

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Mordant Solution T Wash Overview

Mordant Solution T Wash is ideal as a  pre-treatment of new galvanised steel where blasting or abrasion is not possible.
Mordant Solution T Wash may be overcoated with a wide range of protective coating systems.
It may be used to give adhesion of high temperature coatings to new galvanised steel.
Mordant Solution T Wash changes colour on application from blue to black to indicate the effectiveness of primary treatment.
Not recommended for immersed conditions.  


To get the best results the surfaces to be etched should be sound, clean & dry.

Ensure surfaces being painted are dry, and cleaned to remove all contaminants.

Before applying your Mordant T Wash Solution ensure you are wearing suitable protection including gloves & eye protection. As with all our products this is a professional product for getting a professional result.

  • Apply Mordant SolutionT Wash & allow to turn black.  Once this has happened, wash with clean water.  This is usually after it is fully dried.  Any areas that haven’t turned black, (usually due to surface contamination) should be abraded using a suitable abrasive paper, then re-apply, however avoid over application as any pooling may result in the formation of fine brown deposits of copper.  After rinsing with clean water and allowing to dry before priming.
  • Very Important – Once the pre-treated Mordant T Wash Solution surface has dried, it should be over painted with the appropriate metal primer within 48 hours or contamination may occur, affecting the end result. 
  • Mordant Solution T Wash should be stored between 5 -25 degrees C and when not in use, cans should be kept sealed.  For guidance, T Wash has a 12 month shelf life from the delivery date in their original containers.
Brand Trade Paints
Application Brush, Rag, Sponge
Size 2.5, 5 Litres