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Are you tired of looking at the battered garage door every day? Do you want to refresh your house exterior? High-quality metal paint for outdoor furniture is the only thing you need to update any coating and restore it to its original appeal!

A vast selection of outdoor paint for metal allows you to operate metal structures in severe weather conditions, preserving not only their appearance but also the necessary strength. Corrosion-resistant compounds will protect any metal structures from damage and destruction reliably, such as car canopies, metal fences, welded and forged gates, benches, lighting masts, etc. Paints4Trade offers a wide selection of the best metal paint UK from leading manufacturers at affordable prices. Be sure that our experts precisely know everything on how to paint a metal surface!

External Metal Paint for Outdoor Surfaces

Metal is a solid building material that is especially popular. Durability and excellent strength properties characterise products made of metal. However, under the influence of air, moisture, and various chemicals, the metal oxidises, which leads to the formation of rust, and gradual destruction. That is why it is essential special paint with anti-corrosion and water-repellent properties to protect your surfaces.

Even though metal is unpretentious and durable, it is sensitive to the impact of negative factors. To prevent any adverse influence, you need to consider using a proper coating that perfectly works for outdoor surfaces. The modern paints and coatings industry offers a wide selection of exterior paint for metal garden furniture with various properties. Choosing metal paint is quite tricky since each type has specific qualities.

Features of Using Exterior Paint for Metal

To protect the metal surface from corrosion, you should clean it from dirt and rust neutraliser and remove the old coating and degrease it. After that, you need to prime the metal with a particular liquid that also has protective features and helps to reduce the consumption of more expensive paint. Apply the layer for the prepared and dehydrated surface.

Each metal paint has its specific usage. For example, before using an oily paint, you need to primer the surface, and this coating is not suitable for roofs. Meanwhile, the acrylic paint is far more durable and can be applied immediately even on rust. Alkyd enamel boasts high adhesion and perfectly suits for painting galvanised surfaces. There are a lot of similar nuances, so Paints4Trade pros are always on guard of your coating! 

Metal Paint - Types and Staining Features

First, external metal paint should protect the surface from the harmful effects of the environment, such as atmospheric moisture, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet radiation. Manufacturers provide a vast selection of paints for metal, according to their constituent components.

  • Alkyd paint for metal. The material has excellent adhesion, creating a reliable layer, resistant to aggressive environmental influences. The finish is smooth and has a steady gloss;

  • Acrylic metal paint. It protects the surface from atmospheric precipitation and temperature fluctuations. Due to the lack of toxic and flammable components this paint for metal surfaces suits explosive and fire hazardous objects;

  • Epoxy paint for metal. It forms a very durable, resistant to chemical influences coating, able to withstand the most severe climatic conditions. Profs use one for painting tanks for acids and alkalis, metal structures that deal with aggressive environments;

  • Polyurethane metal paint. Polyurethane paints for metal give sufficient protection. It has excellent adhesion, that's why one dries quickly. Steel structures stained with polyurethane paints are relevant to interact with moisture and seawater for many years.

Anticorrosion Paints

Corrosion-resistant paints are necessary to provide long-term and adequate corrosion protection. Primer for galvanised metal for outdoor applications is a one-component, quick-drying, epoxy-based mixture that forms a very durable coating on the metal surface that can resist the accumulation of dirt on the metal surface and the development of corrosion. Corrosion-resistant paints have a long service life and a wide range of colours. 

Three-component anticorrosive enamels are also extensively used containing a primer for metal, a rust converter, and decorative & protective coating for metal. 3-in-1 garden furniture metal paint does not require thorough surface preparation. It should be applied to rust, having cleaned only its loose particles. The rust modifier, which is part of the primer-enamel, stops the further development of corrosion. Besides, you will not require surface priming, and that is saving staining time.

Hammer Metal Paint UK

Hammerite metal paint got its name due to the decorative finish inherent in this type of coating. The treated surface looks like chasing for metal, made manually using a blacksmith's hammer. This type of finishing material was developed for the processing of equipment used in laboratories and industrial enterprises. The metal paint for gates for rust gives a hugely versatile, durable coating, but one's colour was previously presented exclusively in dark tones.

The rusted metal paint has exceptional strength. It has alkyd-styrene, acrylic, and epoxy components. Besides, the material contains fillers in the form of beautiful glass and aluminium powder, as well as silicone oil. In the liquid state, the finished paint has increased adhesion. It sets on the surface quickly and forms a high-quality and durable coating after drying. The hammer paint has multiple advantages so that you can use it both for coating industrial structures and decoration.

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Modern staining materials can not only transform any detail or structure but also protect the surface from mechanical, physical, and chemical influences. The metal painted with high-quality paint is much better protected from corrosion and is durable and far more resistant to temperature extremes. The assortment of our store represents the best paint for metal with high-quality and quick-drying properties, a set of decorative paints, as well as unique protective compounds that will provide reliable protection for any surface! Buy metal paint today and get fast delivery with manufacturer warranty.