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Jotun Marine & Protective Paint & Coatings

As the leading UK supplier & distributor of Jotun Marine & Industrial paints & coatings, our sales & technical team can provide detailed paint specifications & no obligation quotes at competitive prices.
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Paints4Trade are proud to be the UK's leading supplier of Jotun paints and coatings. With over 90 years' experience in the industry, Jotun are one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial, protective and marine paints and coatings. Their products are used in a huge range of industries and environments, from extreme outdoor conditions to damp and atmospheric internal environments. Paints4Trade are experts in supplying Jotun products to the UK market, and we're delighted to offer their full range of paints, coatings and specialist products.

Jotun products are extremely popular in the maritime sector, and they're utilized by ship owners working in the newbuilding and dry-dock industries. Jotun's direct to metal application and heat resistant goods attend for offshore and infrastructure companies all year round, who use them on storage tanks and hydrocarbon processing systems. Powder coatings are utilized by firms in the appliance business as well as those who produce materials like pipelines and build components in general industrial sectors.

The Jotun Paint Coatings Range

Paints4trade is a large UK-based supplier of paints and coatings, with a range that includes products for both trade and consumer use. The company offers a wide variety of paints in different finishes, colors and sheens to suit every need, as well as a number of specialist coatings for specific applications. Jotun Paints are a specialist paint manufacturer and offer a wide range of coatings & paints.

Marine and Protective Coatings

Some of the products in the Jotun range are only available for professional application. The Marine and Protective Coatings section covers items such as epoxy coatings, paint strippers and rust-proofing paints, among others. These protective coatings can be used for a variety of tasks such as sealing the hulls of boats, protecting tools from corrosion or preventing metal surfaces from rusting.

Heat Resistant Goods

In the Jotun range there are several products designed to protect from heat, commonly used in industrial applications. In the Heat Resistant category you will find paints and coatings for fire protection that can resist temperatures of 1300°c, suitable for protecting metal surfaces like steel.


Jotun topcoats are a specialized range of paints designed for use as the final layer in paint finishes. They are available in a variety of different sheens, colors and finishes to give a perfect finish to any surface but are most commonly available in clear gloss finish. The smooth and glossy finish of Jotun topcoats makes them perfect for use on surfaces such as wood, metal or plastic.

Extreme Environments

Jotun paints are suitable for a variety of extreme environments, including marine and offshore applications, as well as fire protection and other industrial uses. The epoxy coatings and other protective paints in the Jotun range can resist high temperatures and harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for use in difficult or hazardous environments.

Why Choose Jotun Paint Brand

Jotun began in the early 1920s as a marine and shipping paint manufacturer in Norway. In the early 1930s, it produced its first ready-made paint, Aranol. The chilly, harsh Scandinavian environment proved to be the ultimate test for Jotun's goods, which they took advantage of.

Jotun gradually established an international sales network, which is expanding. (Paints4Trade has been a Jotun UK distributors since our incorporation in 2005, and we still stock the brand today!) Jotun has earned certification and approval from NORSOK (oil rigs), Network Rail, Highways Agency, and Bombardier Transportation, giving it a reputation as a trusted performance brand.