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Best Intumescent & Fire Retardant Paint for Sale

Paints and varnishes used for the flame retardant treatment of steel, wood, and reinforced concrete structures are a new type of coating that aims to replace the traditional fire-resistant gypsum plasterboard and primers. Fire-retardant multilayer coatings with paints and varnishes make it possible to cover load-bearing building structures, including complex shapes, without spoiling their appearance, which is vital for architects and designers.

The ease of use of fire resistant paint and reliable fire protection for 30, 60, and 90 minutes make one a must-have for finishing residential and non-residential premises. In our online store, you can choose from a wide range of heat-resistant compounds and buy fire retardant paint for various surfaces at affordable prices. Besides, the proposed intumescent paint complies with the British safety standard BS 476, which makes it suitable for use in industrial facilities and the construction of commercial buildings.

Fire Retardant Paint UK - Maximum Security for Your Property

The principal feature of intumescent paint is a dual functionality. Firstly, like any other high-quality paint and varnish product, it performs a decorative duty. Secondly, intumescent paint protects surfaces from exposure to open fire, high-temperature flows, and contact with oxygen, not allowing to heat up quickly, deform the metal & reinforced concrete structures, ignite, and burn wooden elements of buildings.

Conventional paint is a subject to the process of burning and carbonisation so that harsh temperature conditions can damage the protective layer of the surface significantly. If you want to protect the place initially or know that a particular premise will deal with high temperatures, then you should use a specific refractory paint.

Features of Refractory Coatings

With unique properties for increased protection, fire retardant paint contains pigments based on substances resistant to elevated temperatures. The action mechanism of the intumescent paint coating is that it contains metal particles that scatter infrared rays. Depending on tech requirements, you can choose one of the few types of coating material:

  • Intumescent is the most common fireproof paint that is capable of repeatedly swelling with increasing ambient temperature, protecting the surface from fire and heat effectively;

  • Not-intumescent fire protection paint doesn't expand even in direct contact with an open flame. Not-intumescent fire retardant paint contains silicates (an alternative name is a liquid glass) that create a thick film on the protected surface, impervious to the heat flux from the fire. 

Tips for Dealing with Fire Retardant Paint

The scope of flame retardant paint is extensive since the composition of modern dyes makes them no worse than conventional analogues for decoration. However, increased costs impose certain limitations, making coverage more relevant to:

  • Staining surfaces of the bearing steel frame of buildings, public, industrial structures - beams, trusses, spans, columns;

  • Internal processing of load-bearing structures, elements of wood buildings, such as half-timbers, beams, ceilings, columns; panels for finishing walls, ceilings on evacuation routes and exits;

  • Cover the transit ducts of ventilation systems, cable channels, highways, utility pipelines.

Besides, we offer clear coat fire retardant paint UK for fabric and furniture. Protect your premises from the accidental fire with the unique ISF FLAMEPRO! You can use it both outside for the garden exterior and inside for interior decor.

Intumescent Paint for Passive Protection

A layer of fire-retardant paint applied to the surface is indistinguishable from conventional coatings. Still, when exposed to high temperature (about 660 °F), it begins to swell, expanding tens of times in volume. With intense heating, intumescent paint forms a secure refractory, heat-insulating layer that protects the metal surfaces and wood structures from open fire, high temperature, as well as from contact with oxygen, which prevents the combustion process of organics.

Significant Resource Savings 

The excellent feature of the best intumescent paint is that with thinner film, you get the same fire protection as when using standard products and applying them in several layers. Such a coating allows you to save not only materials and funds but also time. Depending on the type of fire retardant paint, the protected structure can last 30, 60, 90, and more minutes at high temperatures. When utilising a clear fire retardant paint, you increase the stability of the construction in case of fire, protect the steel frame from rapid deformation and, as a consequence, save the building from destruction.

High-Quality Fire Retardant Paint for Sale

The coating with intumescent paint is an effective, safe, often universal product delivered to customers in convenient packaging. The one is thin-layer, and it doesn't have a significant load on the supporting structures of the protected objects. Fire retardant coatings are safe for humans and animals both in everyday life and in the process of forming a refractory layer.

Besides, small consumption of material allows you to save resources spent on fire protection during construction. Several possible methods of fire retardant paint application will enable you to cover large areas of the surface of buildings quickly and work in hard-to-reach places, in cramped conditions, and with elements having a complex shape & configuration. 

Best Intumescent Paint at Paints4Trade

Although flame-fighting structural fire protection is more efficient than applying multilayer coatings, advanced fire-retardant paints have come closer to it in terms of their features. It opens art space for architects, builders, and designers without departing from the requirements of fire safety standards. 

Here you can explore the catalogue of the best fire retardant paint in the UK. We work only with trusted and reliable manufacturers so that you can be sure of 100% quality. With the range of intumescent paint, you can forget about the need to update the paintwork on the metal parts of stoves, fireplaces, or any other surfaces for a long time. Buy fireproof paint now, and do not worry about excessive heats!