Intumescent Paint For Steel

Steel structures are lightweight and have a high load-bearing capacity, being the best choice for the construction of air terminals, stadiums, office buildings, etc. Therefore, ensuring the safety of people inside is the primary task of builders and architects. Although metal frames do not burn, they lose strength and resistance to mechanical stress under the influence of high temperatures. The use of intumescent paint for steel significantly reduces the risks of negative fire consequences and provides additional protection for the structure.

Paints4Trade offers a vibrant selection of high-quality fire intumescent paint suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential premises. All available products are certified, capable of protecting steel, structural steel, and cast iron structures from fire for 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 minutes, reducing the heating time of the metal.

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Fire Intumescent Paint for Steel Surfaces Protection

Intumescent fireproof paint forms a thin top layer that prevents deformation and damage to the metal surface. The painted coating swells under the influence of high temperatures, expanding many times, turning into a reliable thermal barrier. Moreover, intumescent paint on steel is a profitable option, helping to save money on the purchase of heat-resistant boards and the use of specialised plaster. The effectiveness of fire retardant intumescent paint for steel is due to several factors:

  • The protective layer is formed only after heat absorption, remaining a regular colour coating.

  • The gaseous products released during the reaction of intumescent paint reduce the temperature of the thermal insulator.

  • Intumescent paint steel for fire protection prevents the metal from heating up for a particular time, reflecting heat waves.

  • The film blocks the access of oxygen, providing the surface with additional protection.


The use of intumescent paint on steel guarantees excellent protection of the painted surface and gives it an attractive appearance. The products have excellent adhesion while maintaining the durability of the formed layer. Moreover, the coating does not need any finishing or fixing overlap. You can apply a coloured coat of emulsion or gloss paint on top to achieve the shade required. In some cases, it is necessary for additional protection of the structure from weather conditions. 


High-Quality Intumescent Fireproof Paint

Available intumescent paint UK for metal saves on finishing of the structure. When heated, the covering creates a thick layer of foam with small pores, prolonging the structure's ability to withstand fire. Multiple layers of intumescent paint for steel provide the same protection as several inches of traditional construction-type materials (slabs, segments, shells, ceramics, and blocks). Also, a thin reactive coating using fireproof paints dries in a few hours, saving time dramatically. 


How to Use Intumescent Paint for Steel

Working with intumescent fire-resistant paint requires strict adherence to the manufacturer's instructions. Thus, the topcoat layer will last longer and ensure maximum safety of the structure when heated. The mandatory steps for using intumescent paint are:

  • thorough cleaning of metal with abrasives and grinders;

  • air pressure treatment;

  • application of a non-oxidisable primer;

  • thorough drying of the surface;

  • spray paint application with a spray brush, or roller.


The handheld spray is a more efficient way to form a protective layer on the metal. In this case, pay attention to the recommended coating thickness. The layer size of intumescent fireproof paint depends on the heating rate and dimensions of the metal base.


Consider the temperature conditions required for working with intumescent paint for steel, climatic conditions, chemical, and mechanical loads acting on the structure. If necessary, you can consult with Paints4Trade specialists to choose the most suitable product that meets all your requirements.


Buy Intumescent Fire Resistant Paint Online

Since intumescent paint for steel is an essential step in providing fire protection, Paints4Trade offers high quality and certified products exceptionally. Get more information by contacting our consultants. Besides, you can find and buy intumescent paint at the most affordable prices in the UK, with fast delivery and a guarantee on the entire range. Paints4Trade products are entirely safe for people, animals, and the environment. The fire-resistant paint does not emit toxic substances when applying, using, and heating.