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Premium-Quality Heat Resistant Paints

The ability to maintain physical, chemical, and decorative properties during and after exposure to high temperatures is the main characteristic of heat resistant paint. That is why it is indispensable for decorating fireplaces, ensuring proper fire safety for BBQs, stoves, and heating structures. The product is ideal for painting metal surfaces, providing additional protection against deformation due to temperature extremes. It is also suitable for brick and wood coating, painting machinery, engines, and exhausts of different vehicles, yachts, industrial & domestic pipes. Welcome to the Paints4Trade catalogue, where you will find a large selection of high-quality heat resistant stove paint available in a variety of colours and shades! Transparent pricing, competent consultation, and fast UK delivery are guaranteed!

Top Heat Resistant Paint for Fireplace Surround

Due to the unique composition, this paint is resistant to temperature extremes. Binder particles, special pigments & fillers define the temperature range, requiring special attention to preliminary surface preparation and application technology adherence. Unlike fire retardant paint products, heat resistant paints cannot withstand the effects of the open fire. Nevertheless, they can protect the structure from the harmful effects of overheating. 

Since specialists often use products to apply to the internal parts of structures, these paints are non-toxic and safe for children and animals. It is noteworthy that heat resistant paint for BBQ has all the properties of products for protecting metal surfaces. Besides, it has many additional benefits that provide:

  • reliable protection against corrosion and rust;

  • excellent adhesion;

  • electrical insulation and resistance to chemicals;

  • resistance to temperature extremes, including low temperatures;

  • protection from moisture and damaging environmental influences.


Handy Tips for Using Heat Resistant Paints

When choosing black heat resistant paint, pay attention to the material of the surface to be painted. The particular product properties help to protect not only metal coatings but also concrete, brick, asbestos, and plastered constructions. In some cases, it is also suitable for woodworking. The coating's heat resistance is related to the maximum permissible temperature at which the dried film retains the ability to perform its functions for a long time. This information is usually found on paint packages, or you can double-check it with our specialists.

The colour palette for heat resistant products also depends on the temperature range. For example, black, graphite, and silver heat resistant paints are the most relevant ones so that you can use them to paint fireplace surround. The grey and white heat resistant paints are ideal for pipelines and public utilities. In any case, the lifespan of the formed coating also depends on adherence to the application technology specified in the manufacturer's manuals.

Applying Heat Resistant Paint for Fireplaces

The coating resistance to temperature extremes directly depends on the thickness of the grey heat resistant paint layer; 1-3 thin coats are sufficient for the best results. The thick coating provides strong protection against corrosion but reduces the temperature range, so you can use a specialised anti-corrosion primer and overcoat it with this kind of paint. Apply the composition with a roller, brush, or spray, carefully not to allow bald spots.

Contemporary heat resistant paint for barbeques is a ready-to-use product that is straightforward in application. If you need to cover a small area or patches, you can use heat resistant paint spray that forms a thin protective layer on the surface, penetrating all hard-to-reach areas. Besides, it has a long shelf life, which saves resources on upgrading the coverage later. Shake the product and apply on the fire grate or chiminea surface effortlessly!

Buy Heat Resistant Paints Online

Paints4Trade offers a large selection of paints to protect various fireplaces, including multi-purpose kits, aerosols, and narrow-specialised products for industrial stoves and machinery. The entire available range is certified and comes with a manufacturer's warranty. If necessary, you can also contact our experts to help you find the most suitable paint that will provide reliable surface protection for years!