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Top-Quality Hammer Finish Paints UK

Hammer finish paints are the best finishing products for various metal structures, providing reliable surface protection against corrosion, rust, and various environmental factors. The hammered paint finish is also suitable for staining wood and plastics, creating a special decorative effect of the layer. The unique composition and 100's of hammer finish paint colours available make this product versatile for indoor and outdoor use, offering tremendous wear resistance under high loads. Moreover, you can apply the product directly to rust, hiding minor damage, unevenness, and other surface imperfections of trailers, radiators, and garden furniture. Without a doubt, hammer finish metal paint is the best solution for metal renovation!

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Best Hammer Finish Paints from Paints4Trade

One of the distinctive features of the hammer finish metal paint is a specific appearance of the coating that this product forms after drying due to the aluminium granules. Besides, it has exceptional strength due to the presence of styrene alkyd, acrylic, and epoxy particles. Black hammer finish paint in the liquid state provides high-strength adhesion to the surface painted, forming a top layer that is resistant to heavy-duty loads. Also, the versatility of hammer finish paints allows everyone to use it as a primer. All products in the Paints4Trade online catalogue boast an excellent quality and a wide range of advantages, including: 

  • resistance to temperature extremes, protecting the metal surface from deformation;

  • fast drying and non-toxic composition – hammer paint finish is environmentally friendly and does not emit toxic fumes;

  • the versatility of use (with brushes, rollers, and spray);

  • resistance to moisture, UV, and rust formation, providing long-term protection of different metal structures;

  • ease of application without preliminary preparation;

  • resistance to vibration, which allows using hammer finish paints for machinery, industrial equipment, and vehicles. 

Scope and Features of Hammer Finish Metal Paint

The considerable scope of white hammer finish paint is another advantage of choosing this product. Ease of application and quick drying time make it an ideal option for painting residential and commercial premises, decorating tiles, plastic, and glass. Nevertheless, hammer finish paints are best suited for painting wrought metal products, highlighting the beauty of the original texture, the grace of shapes and lines, and enhancing the gloss of the finish. These paints also provide corrosion protection for zinc alloys, steel, and non-ferrous structures.

The increased durability of hammerite paint makes them perfect for painting industrial objects, renewing the protective layers of metal structures, and applying in landscape design. The presence of fine-grained glass, aluminium powder, silicones, and aluminium flakes in the composition increases water resistance and improves the coating's texture. Thus, hammer finish metal paint is also suitable for piping, gutter, and facade decoration. 

Decor Options of Hammertone Paint Finish

Hammertone paint finish comes with various pigments, offering multiple shades. The painted surface is dirt-repellent and can be easily cleaned with water and household cleaners. Thus, exterior designers often choose green hammer finish paint for gazebos, fences, and gates. The product is easy to apply, creating a thin and fast-drying layer, making it the perfect solution for staining multi-component and sophisticated structures and mechanisms. Using the blue hammer finish paint spray reduces one's consumption dramatically, saving time and money.

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The versatile hammerite metal paint is a solution for finishing and protecting indoor and outdoor metal surfaces. The top coating protects the structure from oxidation and corrosion, hiding defects and minor damage. The wide range of applications allows using various materials – from galvanized steel to all types of non-ferrous metals. Paints4Trade offers a vast assortment of high-quality products available in several shades and hammer finish paint colours. We guarantee prompt delivery across the UK and provide excellent support & friendly customer service, ensuring expert guidance on a perfect hammered paint finish.