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Lloyds Approved Polyester Gelcoats and Topcoats

If you are searching for polyester gelcoats and polyester topcoats that meet the requirements of Lloyd's Register of Shipping, clear and white gelcoats and topcoats from Paints4Trade come as your best match! We supply a range of professional high-grade products from Lloyd's Register Approved manufacturers. So with us, you get premium products that can be ideally suited to your particular project.

Moreover, both clear gelcoats & topcoats and white gelcoats and topcoats available at Paints4Trade come packed with a free catalyst, which means that you can save your budget on various renovations. Take a look at our assortment of products and pick the best solution for your needs right now!

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Premium Gelcoats and Topcoats for Sale

Paints4Trade stocks only the highest-quality Lloyds approved gelcoats and topcoats that boast outstanding physical properties, UV light stability, and water resistance. Our products have a broad scope of use, and that is why they are in high demand among our clients. Premium polyester gelcoats in our catalogue aim to protect your project as they form a smooth outer surface. Furthermore, thanks to an isophthalic resin, these products provide excellent resistance to scratches and enhanced protection against weathering. You can choose from white polyester gel coat paint ​and clear gelcoat. Both products come with a free catalyst. Please keep in mind that our gelcoats can be applied with a brush, roller & spray.

In addition to high-performance gelcoats, we also offer clients first-class polyester topcoats that cure tack-free and can be used as a UV gel top coat paint and seal fibreglass surfaces. The products are suitable for a wide range of applications and all GRP surfaces. Our high-quality clear topcoats and white topcoats are shipped with a free catalyst. Please notice that our topcoats are not suitable for spray application.

What is Gelcoat?

Gelcoat is a specific liquid that hardens after application to form a thick layer for protecting the surface from moisture damage and scratches. It is worth mentioning that gelcoats remain tacky after they cure, so fibreglass can be applied onto the gelcoat to form a hard surface. The essential features of gelcoat products from Paints4Trade are the following:

  • Gelcoat can serve as an adhesive and a base layer;

  • The product boasts a viscous consistency;

  • Gelcoat has excellent mechanical properties and is highly resistant to scratches;

  • The product is available in two variations: clean gelcoat and white gelcoat.

What is Topcoat?

A topcoat or flowcoat is a thick gelcoat representing a top layer used for finishing flat roofs, fibreglass, and fibreglass mouldings. Topcoat cures tack-free and can also be applied as a sealer. Here are the primary features of polyester topcoats from Paionts4Trade:

  • Topcoat is quite viscous, and it forms a top protective layer;

  • The product boasts an entirely tack-free finish;

  • Topcoats from Paints4Trade come in clear and white options; 

  • The product is weather and UV resistant and has a durable finish.

What is the Difference Between Topcoat & Gelcoat?

When comparing flowcoat vs gelcoat, you may wonder if there is any difference between these two essential products. And the difference exists, making these products suit truly different purposes. If you need finishing paint to complete your project, it is better to opt for a quality white or clean topcoat, which is tack-free. But in case you need a solution to form a smooth and hard surface after curing, a polyester gelcoat is your top pick. The online catalogue of Paints4Trade offers a selection of top-notch polyester gelcoats and topcoats available in transparent and white versions. Browse the variety and purchase a perfect solution for your project right now!