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Best Galvanised Steel Paint UK

Galvanised metal is one of the most resistant to aggressive atmospheric agents material. It is simple and easy to use for various structures of residential and public buildings. However, over time, the surface loses its strength and protective properties. Therefore, it needs to be restored to the top condition. Dedicated galvanised steel paint copes with this task easily, providing a wear-resistant finish that is anti-corrosion and can withstand heavy-duty loads. You will find a range of high-quality products for metal surfaces presented in our online catalogue. All the items are available in 100's of shades and colours.

Excellent Surface Protection with Galvanised Metal Paints

The galvanised surface is a thin layer of zinc deposited on the surface of a steel sheet. This coating prevents metal corrosion under the influence of moisture and atmospheric effects, significantly extending the lifespan of metal structures. Although the surface is wear-resistant, it needs regular maintenance and refurbishment with galvanised metal paint. Galvanised steel paint is highly resistant to UV and temperature extremes, and has excellent resistance to water and mechanical & chemical damage. The product is simple to use and has superior adhesion to the painted surface. Also, it's great for protecting:

  • metal structures;

  • gates & railings;

  • facades and roofs;

  • galvanised steel and sheet profiles;

  • gutters, household & industrial pipelines;

  • metal hulls of vehicles, including yachts and boats.


Reasons to Choose Specialised Paint for Galvanised Metal

There are two reasons to pay particular attention to the features of painting galvanised metal. Surfaces without a protective coating begin to rust quickly due to aggressive environmental influences (precipitation, salts, exhaust gases, etc.). Moreover, the painted surface has a more attractive appearance, which is essential for designing sophisticated constructions. 


Paints4Trade offers high-quality primer for galvanised metal produced by the best manufacturers. You will find a bright selection of products for outdoor and indoor use, creating a dense coating that is resistant to external factors for a long time. Direct to galvanised metal paint is the best way to extend the life of profiled galvanised fences or roofing. The painted surface will look impressive, keeping a captivating appearance for a long time.

Unique Properties of Galvanised Steel Paint

Galvanised metal paints come in several varieties - vinyl, acrylic, and epoxy. All types are excellent options for creating a protective layer that is resistant to temperature, moisture, and oxygen. Minimal or no odour is the hallmark of galvanised metal paint, making it much easier to interact with at high temperatures and indoors. Also, the drying time is less than a few hours, resulting in a semi-matt finish. The variety of colours available for paint for galvanised metal will help to bring the finishing touch to any design. 


How to Paint Galvanised Metal?

Careful preparation for painting galvanised metal and adherence to the usage rules are the reasons for the protective properties' durability of the coating formed. Our experts always make sure that clients get a high-quality product stored in the right conditions. Thus, you only have to prepare the surface and apply galvanised steel paint.

  • Galvanised metal has poor adhesion, therefore clean and degrease the surface thoroughly. Use a specific primer for newly built structures.

  • Remove rust, being careful not to damage the thin zinc layer, or use specialised products that are suitable for applying directly to galvanised metal paint.

  • Remove dirt and grease with solvent, rinse with high-pressure water, and dry surface.

  • Apply galvanised metal paint in a thin layer using a spray, roller, or brush. Overcoat one or two times so that the resulting film has increased protective properties and a brighter colour.


Buy Paint for Galvanised Steel UK

If you are looking for high-quality galvanised metal paint, you will find a wide range of products at affordable prices in the Paints4Trade online catalogue. We work with reliable and trusted manufacturers only. That is why you can be sure to buy the best paint for galvanised metal here. Prompt delivery anywhere in the UK and the assistance of well-trained consultants are included. We guarantee long-term protection of the painted metal structures.