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Luminous and Fluorescent Paint UK

Are you looking for premium-quality fluorescent paint for metal, wood or walls? Do you need to get effective luminous paints that glow in the dark perfectly and are ideal for highlighting and marking? Welcome to Paints4Trade and its wide variety of superior painting products! We stock a selection of exceptional glow in the dark paints and fluorescent paints with excellent properties. In our extensive online catalogue, you will find top-notch luminous paint for metal and wood and fluorescent paint for walls available in a range of colours. Therefore, browse the whole collection and buy the best paint for your next project!

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Premium-Quality Luminous and Fluorescent Paints for Sale

As a leading paint supplier in the United Kingdom, Paints4Trade understands the demand for fluorescent and luminous paints, offering exclusive fluorescent luminous painting products that deliver the desired outcome to customers. In our collection, you can find only premium paints that boast excellent features.

Glocote Fluorescent Paints

The collection of fluorescent paints consists of top-quality products that boast high visibility and come in five fluorescent colours: yellow, orange, green, red, & pink. These paints represent a durable coating that performs well both in the daytime and under lights at night. Fluorescent paint for wood, metal, masonry & walls is ideal for identifying hazards and marking equipment, doorways, exits & other areas for safety or directional purposes. This paint is also suitable for bollards, bridges, ships, bicycles, low beams and more. Fluorescent paints from Paints4Trade come in 1, 2.5, and 5-litre pack sizes.

Glocote Foundation Paints

Specialised foundation paints from this collection are formulated to be used before the fluorescent paint and are necessary for the fluorescent pigments to function well. The foundation represents a white base coating that helps to ensure the seamless performance of the coloured painting product. The paint boasts a high-density formulation and can be easily applied with the help of a suitable roller, brush or spray. After the application, this foundation paint provides a pleasant matt finish and can be overcoated in 12 hours, if necessary.

Glocote Protective Sealer Paints

Protective sealer paints are formulated to prolong the colour retention of fluorescent paints and protect them from weathering. Such sealer paints represent a clear glaze that extends the lifespan of the fluorescent coating. Glocote protective sealer paints from Paints4Trade come in 1, 2.5 & 5-litre pack sizes and can be applied with a spray, brush or a suitable roller. The drying time of these specialised paints is 6 hours, while the overcoating time is 12 hours. The sealer paints also provide a neat gloss finish.

Luminous Paints

Luminous paints, also known as luminescent paints and glow in the dark paints, are low-odour, water-based and long-lasting coatings that are used to identify escape routes, fire doors, exits, etc., when lights fail or at night. Luminous paint for wood and metal glow in the dark after direct exposure to light, and so it is also ideal for various enclosed areas. If you are wondering where to buy luminous paint, Paints4Trade is your best option. We stock premium luminous paint with a matt finish. Feel free to use a brush for paint application. The product comes in 500ml and 2.5-litre pack sizes.

Luminous Foundation Paints

Luminous foundation paints are necessary for the luminous paint to function. Such foundation base paints are low-odour solutions that boast a fast and seamless application with a suitable brush. The foundation paint is ideal for masonry, metal and wood and is used to provide a white coating essential to ensure the performance of the selected luminous paints. The drying time of specialised luminous foundations paints is 30 minutes, while the overcoating time is usually no more than 6 hours.

Luminous Protective Sealer Paints

In addition to quality luminous paint for metal, masonry and wood, Paintrs4Trade offers high-end protective sealer paints that aim to protect and improve the performance of glow in the dark paints of your choice. The protective sealers represent a clear coating that provides protection against weathering and extends luminous paint colour retention. The drying time of such sealer paints is 45 minutes. If necessary, you can also add one more layer of the protective sealer in 6 hours.

Buy Glow in the Dark Paint & Fluorescent Paint Online

Our fluorescent and luminous coatings are available in various colours, and so you can quickly find the right paint colour to suit your needs. Moreover, thanks to the excellent performance and high visibility, our fluorescent and luminescent paints are perfect for use on different surfaces, including metal, concrete, masonry & wood.