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Fire Retardant & Intumescent Paint for Timber Joinery

Nowadays, wood is one of the most common materials, offering many practical advantages, relatively low cost, and ease of use. With proper care, timber joinery can retain all its properties and visual appeal for years. So, you can easily extend wood lifespan by using specialised intumescent paint for timber. Utilising thin film intumescent technology allows the paints to provide a highly decorative finish for use internally and externally, reliably protecting the structure from high temperatures and open fire.


Intumescent paint for wood UK provides fire ratings of 30, 60 minutes, fully compliant British Class 0/1 and European Class B/C. High-end products are certified and meet BS476 standards. Explore the entire Paints4Trade catalogue to find the right timber intumescent paint that will perfectly suit your purposes!