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Fire Retardant & Intumescent Paint for Timber Joinery

Nowadays, wood is one of the most common materials, offering many practical advantages, relatively low cost, and ease of use. With proper care, timber joinery can retain all its properties and visual appeal for years. So, you can easily extend wood lifespan by using specialised intumescent paint for timber. Utilising thin film intumescent technology allows the paints to provide a highly decorative finish for use internally and externally, reliably protecting the structure from high temperatures and open fire.


Intumescent paint for wood UK provides fire ratings of 30, 60 minutes, fully compliant British Class 0/1 and European Class B/C. High-end products are certified and meet BS476 standards. Explore the entire Paints4Trade catalogue to find the right timber intumescent paint that will perfectly suit your purposes!

Premium-Quality Intumescent Paint for Timber and Wood

Timber intumescent paint and varnish products are innovative solutions that provide the maximum degree of protection for wood and joinery from heat and open fire. In contrast to classical methods of passive fire protection and specialised plasters, these paints cover large areas of standard and complex shapes. Fire protection paint for timber offers low consumption and excellent decorative properties, allowing designers and architects to implement all the ideas while ensuring high fire safety.

Intumescent paint for timber provides a thin protective film after drying, which significantly increases under the influence of open fire. The formed carbon layer insulates the surface, keeping the coating from high temperatures for 30-60 minutes. Intumescent paint for timber also minimises the spread of fire, provides low smoke emission, and extinguishes itself after eliminating the ignition source. 


Properties of Fire Retardant Paint for Timber

Several unique properties characterise fire retardant paint for timber cladding, making this product stand out from its many counterparts. In addition to excellent surface protection against open fire, the composition has the following advantages:

  • The product has increased durability and the ability to withstand physical and chemical loads.

  • Fire protection paint for wood forms an elastic film that retains its protective properties against temperature extremes and weather changes.

  • The composition does not crumble or crack, saving the layer's integrity for a long time.

  • Intumescent paint for timber is moisture resistant, providing additional protection against mould and mildew.

  • Improved adhesion allows timber fire retardant paint to be applied to any surface type, including sawn, planed, and sanded wood.

  • The formed film is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, temperature extremes and precipitation.


Timber Fire Protection Paint Application

The scope of application of timber fire protection paint is extensive, covering all the needs of building and repair works. Firstly, the product versatility allows it to be applied to the facade parts of constructions and interior decor elements. Timber intumescent paint will provide maximum protection for internal wood surfaces and maintain external structures' attractive appearance. Full compliance with national standards and first-class quality of the intumescent paint for timber allow specialists to use this product range for residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

Intumescent paint for wood UK is ideal for solid log cabins, emphasising the natural texture of the material. White timber intumescent paint for exterior use is suitable for topcoats and application with specialised pigments. In any case, a thin layer of protective compound is a more economical and reliable solution than using multi-layer plasters and drywall. You can apply timber intumescent paint with a brush, roller, or spray. 


 Buy Intumescent Paint for Timber Online

Fire protection paint for timber is indispensable for saving buildings and constructions from the open fire's effects. Moreover, the compositions also do an excellent job with mechanical and physical stress, reliably protecting the surface from moisture and climate changes. Presented intumescent fire retardant paint and varnish for timber and wood derivatives are available in water and solvent-based varieties. 

Here you will find a full assortment of premium-quality intumescent paint for wood UK from base coats to exterior finishes. All available products are certified and meet established standards. You can get competent advice on fire resistance by contacting our experts and obtain a fire safety certificate with the purchased intumescent paint for timber.