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Intumescent Paint for Plaster and Internal Decor

The well-designed interior consists of various elements and materials, including flammable items. You can try to find fire-resistant counterparts and other ways to protect the room from high temperatures. However, it can be very money and time-consuming. Therefore, Paints4Trade offers a superior alternative. We supply high-quality paint for plaster to provide reliable protection for Artex, board, brick and concrete walls and ceilings.

Fire retardant paint for walls is a specialised compound that will help to protect a room from fire and high temperatures by controlling the spread of flames in addition to its excellent decorative properties. Thus, Thermoguard flame paint forms a film that insulates walls and ceilings, preserving the surface from damage and deformation. All available products are certified and meet modern British fire safety standards. View out the available product range and choose the most suitable option right now!

Top-Quality Intumescent Paint for Plasterboard Surfaces

The lack of control and release of toxic combustion products are the primary reasons for fire hazard, leading to many negative consequences. That is why it is much more comfortable and efficient to prevent the spread of flame by ensuring the room's fire safety in advance. Although there are plenty of methods to cope with this task, the use of intumescent paint for plasterboard is the most profitable option. The product can be utilised as an independent decorative coating or as a clear finish. In any case, wallcoat paint will help prevent the spread of flames and minimise the smoke generation and other harmful fire effects.

When exposed to heat, the paint for ceiling and walls forms a hard, thick film that insulates the surface for a particular time. It is noteworthy that the product is no different from standard decorative compositions under normal conditions. Fire resistant paint for plaster creates an elastic layer that is resistant to mechanical and physical stress, moisture and temperature extremes. You can also choose a product that forms an original texture on the surface after drying, such as an attractive seamless gloss or eggshell.

Advantages & Features of Fire Retardant Paint

Although paint for plaster walls can't prevent or extinguish the fire for 100%, a refractory coating is a buffer between the flame and the structure surfaces, helping to:

  • delay or minimise the spread of fire across the top layer;

  • weaken the impact of high temperatures, which is especially important for plastic, wood, and metal surfaces;

  • reduce the release of toxic smoke;

  • strengthen the top layer of the coating, improving its wear resistance;

  • extend the surface lifespan with the possibility of restoration and re-painting.

Moreover, the chemical reaction inside the paint for plaster ceiling layer stops without outside interference immediately after the ignition source is eliminated. The product also improves the properties of flammable materials, making them more resistant to fire and temperatures.

Types of Paint for Plaster Walls

There are several types of paint for interior walls, which differ in the principle of fire retardant action and composition. Intumescent products form a coating that expands many times in volume when exposed to fire. A few millimetre films are transformed into a thick, porous layer that provides reliable thermal insulation. The palette of paint for interior walls contains a vast assortment of colours, increasing its demand. When exposed to heat, the painted surface forms a hard heat-shielding coating, protecting the construction material for 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Besides, there are 2K solvent and 1K water-based fire retardant wallcoat paint products. All of them have excellent adhesion and improve the wear resistance of the surface material. 

Buy Fire Resistant Paint for Plaster Walls Online

All the products presented in the Paints4Trade catalogue are high-quality and certified. So the choice of paint for plaster walls depends only on individual preferences and the desired decorative effect. For example, a Thermoguard wallcoat with total smoke control is entirely environmentally friendly and fits flats and houses. Simultaneously, 2K solvent-based paint for plaster is more versatile and suitable for finishing commercial and factory premises. You can also request a free fire certificate when purchasing any fire-resistant product.