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Water Clear Epoxy Resin

Are you looking for premium-quality water clear epoxy resin UK? Do you need to find a superior clear epoxy resin for casting, countertop or penny flooring? Welcome to the online catalogue of Paints4Trade! We are the #1 supplier of highly durable water clear resins in the United Kingdom. Our range of products boasts top-notch epoxy casting resins, epoxy countertop resins, and epoxy penny floor resins that are easy to work with.

We stock first-class odour-free, non-flammable & user-friendly products that have excellent clarity and transparency, making them an ideal solution for the protection and decoration of artwork (paintings, sculptures), wood, clocks, pictures, puzzles, tabletops, and bar counters.

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Clear Epoxy Resins for Casting, Countertop & Penny Flooring

Using clear epoxy resin has become an art that allows you to fulfil unique and creative DIY projects with no effort. In essence, water clear resin is a synthetic resin that consists of two essential components: the resin and the hardener. Both parts need to be thoroughly mixed before the actual application to create the proper chemical reaction.

After a proper mixing of these two components, water clear epoxy resin UK represents a special material with a broad scope of use. Additionally, water clear epoxy resins have superior qualities that make these products ideal for heavy-duty casting, countertops, bartops & penny flooring. Paints4Trade offers a range of premium-quality epoxy resins that can also be used for:

  • stabilising wood and soil sealing;

  • old buildings' renovation;

  • minor quick repairs and fixes;

  • resin jewellery and various artwork production;

  • furniture and decoration objects creation;

  • waterproof garage floor sealing, and more.

Water Clear Epoxy Casting Resin UK

Water clear epoxy casting resin from Paints4Trade is a solvent-free, high-gloss, high-build, ambient temperature curing epoxy coating and casting resin. This water-clear resin casting boasts an odour-free and non-flammable formulation that is especially suitable for wood and timber artefact's, clocks, pictures, badges, emblems, flower-setting, paperweights, and even more. To mix the resin with the hardener properly, follow the water clear casting resin instructions and indicated mixing ratio avoiding air entrapment. The product pack size is 4.75 kg so that you can use it for different projects. The working time is 10-12 minutes, while the drying time is 5-6 hours. Water clear casting resin UK fully cures in 48 hours.

Countertop Epoxy Resin UK

Clear epoxy countertop resin is designed specifically for use on bartops and countertops. This product is UV stabilised, solvent-free, & high-build and boasts pigment and metallic effects, making it perfect for creative flooring, resin art, and countertops. Countertop epoxy resin UK has a pleasant high-gloss finish and is also suitable for the protection and decoration of tabletops, worktops, wood & timber. Additionally, this water clean epoxy resin comes in two separate packs — part A and part B. Both parts need to be carefully mixed. Additionally, you can also add a polyester pigment to epoxy resin; just be sure not to exceed 5% by weight.

Clear Epoxy Resin for Penny Floor UK

Epoxy resin penny floor is a premium-quality coating that provides a hard-wearing and super smooth surface for penny floors. The clear epoxy resin for penny floor is an odour-free, self-levelling, non-flammable and user-friendly product with a high-gloss finish. This product boasts a unique formula designed to provide enhanced abrasion resistance. Before the application, the actual resin and the hardener need to be mixed well. Once the right product consistency is achieved, you can apply the penny floor epoxy resin with a brush, roller, or switch to pouring or casting.

Buy Water Clear Epoxy Resins Online

At Paints4Trade, you can find a selection of first-class best selling water clear epoxy resins suitable for different applications. We supply water clear resin from leading UK manufacturers, so we guarantee our products' superior quality. You can find perfect epoxy countertop resin, epoxy casting resin, and clear epoxy resin for penny flooring in our online catalogue. If you have any question regarding water clear casting resin instructions or just need help with product choice, please contact us. Our qualified specialists are always happy to provide the best solution!