UK’s Best Marine Deck Paint

The best marine deck paints are designed to withstand the harsh conditions that boats experience-saltwater and sun. They're also UV resistant and easy to clean! Keeping your deck looking great all year long is easy and inexpensive with marine deck paint from Paints4Trade.

One of the greatest features of marine paint is that it’s been designed and developed specifically for use on boats. It withstands saltwater exposure (even briny seawater), sunlight, rain, freezing temperatures and more!

Deck Paints 

To explore the safety of your vessel, it's important to find the best deck paint suited for your needs. The Marine Deck Paints from Paints4Trade give a range of different finishes, ensuring guests and crew can walk safely on deck even in rough conditions. Available in many colours, you can choose from rougher textures like anti-slip paints that work well with steel and other hard materials but are buffable into anything such as wood or GRP surfaces.

Smooth Marine deck paint is a protective coating designed to increase the durability of wood and metal decks. It also protects surfaces against salt, UV rays, and contaminants. Apply Smooth Marine Deck Paint on dry, clean surfaces free from any contaminants; you may need to abrade GRP surfaces before applying this product.

Non-slip marine deck paints are designed to withstand the harsh conditions that boats experience - like saltwater and sun. Besides just foot traffic, a boat's deck is exposed to water, wind and UV exposure. That's why paints4trade knows how important it is to provide the correct product for the right application by providing you with durable paint for your vessels - perfect for use on maritime vessels, boats, ships, barges or narrowboats.

How to apply marine deck paint

Marine deck paint is easy to apply, but there are some things you need to keep in mind. One key thing is that the surface needs to be clean and dry before you apply anything. This means that you can't just paint over old paint or other contaminants-they'll never stick! Marine Deck paint works on just about any boat surface, but the surface needs to be perfectly clean when you're applying it. To ensure this you should use a pressure washer to clean your boat before painting. The surface also needs to be completely dry. If the surface has any moisture it will prevent the paint from sticking properly which leads to a slippery deck and big resistance problems.

Maintenance of marine deck paint

Marine deck paint does require a bit more maintenance than other paints. The best marine deck paints need to be refreshed every few years. The good thing about this is that marine paint doesn't peel or crack! It's also easy to manage because you can just sand and recoat the surface-no stripping or scraping needed!