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Coo-Var Paints

Coo-Var are manufacturers of specialist and functional coatings, which when applied are ideal to meet the high demands required in both decorative and industrial environments.
If you're looking for a paint that can handle the tough demands of both decorative and industrial environments, Coo-Var is the perfect choice. With a wide range of paints to choose from, Coo-Var has got you covered no matter what your needs may be.
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Coo-Var Paints products, which are manufactured to meet the high demands required in both decorative and industrial environments. Coo-Var offers a wide range of paints that protect and decorate, as well as perform a specific function. Some of their most popular products include Anti-Condensation Paint, Anti-graffiti coatings, Anti-Climb Paint, Anti-Slip Paint, and Anti-fouling Paint.

Teal and Mackrill began producing paint in the United Kingdom in 1908 and initially supplied marine and industrial finishes to the industrial and shipbuilding industries. Since then, the firm has expanded into specialised and functional paints; becoming Coo-Var Brand.

The coatings also serve a specific purpose. Coo-Var delivers problem-solving solutions for walls, roofs, and floors to improve safety and security while improving the look of your property.

Coo-Var Floor, Sport & Line Marking Paint

A variety of high-performance, long-lasting floor paints for wood, metal, concrete, masonry and tarmac. Coo-Var Anti-Slip Paint, Specifically formulated for slip resistance, Coo-Var Floor, Sport and Line Marking Paints provide you with a safe environment to work in.

Coo-Var Safety & Security Paints

They can be used to prevent damage and anti-social behaviour, as well as to keep your property safe. Anti-Slip, Anti-Graffiti, Anti-Climb, Fluorescent & Luminous Paints are just a few of the many types of paint that may be used for this purpose.

Coo-Var Specialist Paints

A variety of specialised paints for home and business interiors and exteriors are available. Gloss, Matt Black, Anti-Damp & Anti-Condensation paints are some of them.

Coo-Var Specialist Primers

A wide selection of primers for various uses. Metal and wood primers, as well as shellac, are available.

Coo-Var Varnishes and Oils

Preservative and improvement products to preserve and enhance the performance and look of your wood.

Coo-Var Paints manufacture a wide range of specialist paints that protect and decorate in both decorative and industrial environments. Coo-Var is a well-established brand with over 100 years of experience supplying paints to the marine and industrial industries. Their products are designed to meet the high demands required in these sectors, as well as solve specific problems such as anti-slip, anti-graffiti, and anti-condensation. If you're looking for long lasting, high performance coatings for your property then Coo Var should be your first choice.