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Plastisol & Cladding Paints

Do you need high-quality metal cladding paints to modernise surfaces efficiently? Are you looking for premium plastisol cladding paint available in a range of colours? Welcome to Paints4Trade! We supply a diversity of special plastisol, metal cladding, and plastic paints suitable for UPVC roofing & walls, wood, metal profile plastisol, and timber. As a leading cladding paint supplier in the UK, we stock only premier products designed to renovate, beautify, and protect surfaces properly. Our range of products comes as an excellent option for revamping your old cladding surfaces and facades. Browse the catalogue and buy industry-best products right now!

Plastic, Plastisol & Metal Cladding Paints for Sale

The plastic, plastisol, and cladding paint available from Paints4Trade boasts a far-reaching colour chart and comes in a collection of eye-pleasing cladding paint colours. Whether you need a flint grey, deep plum, beaver brown, sunflower yellow, aquamarine, raspberry red, lilac, pale cream, or simply white cladding paint, you can easily find a favourable colour in our online directory. Thanks to long-lasting wear and tear and superb water resistance, our plastic paint UK ensures comprehensive protection to a diversity of surfaces. Moreover, the plastisol and metal cladding paint we offer is fast-drying, delivering high performance and giving a tough, flexible film with exceptional adhesion to many difficult substrates. 

Premium Plastisol Cladding Paint from Paints4Trade

Choosing plastisol paint from Paints4Trade, you get a remarkable product that boasts anti-corrosive, self-priming features and is ideal for interior and exterior use. Therefore, using metal cladding paints is far more beneficial and cost-effective than replacing a defective sheet. Our plastic paints are simple in use and available in a stylish semi-matt finish. The application is fast and easy as you can apply the selected cladding paint with a roller, brush, or spray. Furthermore, aside from a wide assortment of plastic paint colours, our paints from this range guarantee up to 15 years of protection and outstanding resistance to UV exposure and weathering. The product pack size varies, and so you can select 1, 2.5, or 5-litre options.

Choosing Plastisol, Metal Cladding and Plastic Paint UK

In our catalogue, you can find exceptional shed, fence & barn paint as well as all-in-one UPVC paints, plastisol cladding paint, and black tar varnishes. These are super durable products that provide high-grade wear and tear resistance and help preserve, retouch, and regenerate the surface dramatically. Additionally, the film formed after painting the surface with the selected plastisol paint from Paints4Trade provides advanced protection against cracking, peeling, blistering, chalking, weathering, and erosion.

As far as metal and plastic cladding can deteriorate because of weather essentials, it is crucial to provide regular maintenance of the surface. At Paints4Trade, we stock top-notch plastisol cladding paint and metal cladding paint from trusted and famous brands to help you extend the cladding's lifespan and protect it against laid snow and various cleaning chemicals. We are committed to delivering premium cladding paint that perfectly suits your needs, and therefore we offer:

  • Finest and the most hard-wearing plastic, plastisol & metal cladding paint with impact resistance;

  • Weather and water-resistant plastic paints that boast fast and seamless application;

  • Tons of beautiful plastic and cladding paint colours.

Furthermore, our specialists can help you choose the most suitable cladding coating and advise particular product characteristics. We do our best to assist you and provide the support you need to enjoy a protected cladding for years to come.

Buy Top Cladding Paints Online

Whether you need metal cladding paint, plastisol paint, or the UK best plastic paint, the online catalogue of Paints4Trade is your one-stop solution. Offering the highest quality products, a diversity of plastic paint colours, the most affordable pricing, and outstanding customer service, we ensure you can find everything you need for your next project!