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A Quality Selection of Paints Suitable for Basements

Find out more about how you can keep your cellar or basement smelling fresh and clean by using paints that are specifically created for this type of environment. These paints help to control the growth of mildew and bacteria and because they're designed for these types of spaces, they won't leave an obnoxious odor like regular paint would.

Basement Paints

When you're looking for a paint that's specially made for basements, there are several things that you need to look at.

- Odor control: While paints may be fresh when they're first opened, the odor of the solvent will dissipate over time. Some paints have been infused with odorless mineral spirits so that they don't have any pungent odors.

- Low VOCs: Paints with low Volatile Organic Compounds are good for your health because they produce fewer particles that can be hazardous to your lungs. Low VOC paints won't have a strong chemical smell, even when you're using them in confined spaces like basements or cellars. Look for products that are labeled with the term "low-VOC" or "less than 100 grams/liter VOC."

- Mildew control: If you live in an area where mildew is prevalent, make sure that your paint of choice has antimicrobial properties. These paints will help to keep the growth of mildew and mold at bay. 

- Water resistance: Water resistance is crucial if you have a damp cellar or basement. You don't want your paint to peel off after it gets wet. Make sure that the paint is water resistant so that it doesn't wear down over time just because of moisture exposure.

Paint for Cellar Walls

Paint for cellar walls is not as simple as walking into your local hardware store and blindly picking out a 5 litres of semigloss.  Different types of paint work better in different environments, and some paints can actually lead to unsafe conditions.

For example, latex paint emits fumes which are particularly harmful in enclosed spaces such as basements with limited fresh air supply. Work or living spaces above the cellar can also be affected by fumes emitted by latex paint. 

Basement Floor paint

A basement floor paint is one of the most important things that you can apply to your concrete floor. When it comes to looking for the perfect paint for your basement, there are a number that offer great protection and look beautiful on floors. One such paint is called Floor Sealer by Coo-Var which provides significant protection against moisture and molds. It has been specifically designed for basement floors.