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Anti Slip Floor Paints & Coatings

The safety and convenience of industrial premises are the main factors of productive and successful work. Therefore, Paints4Trade made sure you can find the best non-slip floor paints that will help to protect coatings from harmful environmental factors and chemical & mechanical damages. The range of colours includes more than 100 shades, and the paints are perfect for interior and exterior decoration.

Besides, the products available are suitable for surfaces of various materials, including concrete, wood, metal & fibreglass. By choosing a non slip floor coating, you can refresh your garage floor, factory premises, and other pedestrian areas. Browse the catalogue to select the wear-resistant and heavy duty anti slip floor paint for your needs! High-quality products, reasonable price, and prompt service are guaranteed.

Best Anti-Slip Floor Paint UK

The modern market for coating products offers multiple types of industrial anti slip floor paint that cope with resurfacing and structures protection. It saves from the harmful effects of chemicals, rain, ultraviolet, and mechanical damage. Besides, non slip floor paint has various features and advantages that make it the best solution for surfaces, involving a dynamic and long-term load.

  • Great colour palette. A large assortment of colours of non-slip floor paints allows you to get durable coatings indispensable for creating layouts & design solutions.
  • Easy application and care. You can use anti slip floor paint not only on the factory premises but also for steps, stairs, porches, ramps & other outdoor areas that need additional protection of the concrete surface. Feel free to clean painted surfaces with household cleaners or water pressure.
  • Resistance to humidity and temperature extremes. The painted surface has a thick hydrophobic layer that retains all its properties under any climatic conditions, ensuring maximum safety.
  • Quality standards. All available products meet established quality standards. At Paints4Trade, we consider your health & safety as paramount! Providing a safe working environment is more important than ever. So, here you will find a range of suitable anti slip floor paints & coatings that will cope with a wide range of environments.
  • Strength and wear resistance. Non-slip floor paint UK consists of high-quality materials that guarantee strength and durability. Thus, painted surfaces retain the look and essential properties of the coating for a long time.

Types & Features of Non Slip Floor Paints

Non slip floor paint for concrete boasts the ease of use and has a high degree of resistance to various loads. However, when choosing a product, it is essential to consider some nuances of applying to different materials. It is especially true due to the abundance of individual properties of various coating types. So, what non-slip floor paint to choose and what you need to know about it?

Anti Slip Epoxy Floor Paint

Epoxy floor paint is a two-component product. Therefore, it is necessary to mix the composition before the direct application. The Paints4Trade assortment has a large selection of colours, which makes this product versatile. Besides, the coating is durable, robust, and highly resistant to abrasion. Anti slip epoxy floor paint is suitable not only for industrial premises, car repair shops & parking lots but also for playgrounds and other outdoor areas. The coating is resistant to damage and adverse environmental conditions so that the painted surface retains strength and looks attractive. Apply epoxy floor paint in two layers (each of them dries in 16-18 hours) to take all its advantages:

  • high-quality waterproofing;
  • resistance to chemicals (alkalis, acids, salt solutions);
  • excellent adhesion (mainly if applied to the prepared surface);
  • long-term preservation of colour brightness.

Acrylic Non Slip Floor Paint UK

Acrylic paint comes as an aqueous composition with the addition of polymers. This anti slip garage floor paint gives a satin, glossy and semi-gloss finish, protecting surfaces from mechanical and chemical damage. The painted surface is ready for use within two days. Therefore, it is perfect for use in garages, basements, balconies, etc. Also, acrylic anti slip floor paint is:

  • environmentally friendly and has a high resistance to humidity;
  • easy to use and dries quickly;
  • can be applied with brush, roller & spray.

It is noteworthy that you can apply acrylic paint in one layer, but for the best effect, it is better to use two layers of the product.

Polyurethane Non Slip Floor Paints

Polyurethane enamels consist of two components and are suitable both indoors and outdoors. Although the period of complete drying can be extended, the surface acquires mechanical and chemical strength soon. These non slip floor paints also form an attractive glossy surface and qualitatively cover flaws.

How to Choose Heavy Duty Anti Slip Floor Paint?

The choice of non-slip floor paints for concrete is a compound decision as it depends on the coating properties. Should the surface be just a decor element? Do I need to select the non slip paint for floor to protect the sophisticated structures? There is no universal choice. Nevertheless, there are several nuances that you should keep in mind.

  • When painting surfaces in living spaces, pay attention to less toxic & environmentally friendly coating options. For example, acrylic and water-based paints are perfect for use in enclosed rooms with reduced ventilation. Anti slip epoxy floor paint, in turn, is suitable for external use with access to open air.
  • Choosing non slip floor paints, remember that each coating has a working temperature range optimal for both application and further use. It also influences whether the product is suitable for outdoor or for indoor use.
  • When choosing anti slip garage floor paint for use in wet conditions, apply products with antibacterial components to prevent mould and fungi. Usually, all information is available on product instructions, and you can also seek advice from our specialists online.
  • Think about coverage finish. Don't choose the glossy surface for floors with a heavy load, because it will lose attractiveness shortly. However, it is ideal for living room decoration. Industrial anti slip floor paint with a satin finish will be optimal for fabrication premises, since one will retain its properties for a long time, without requiring careful maintenance. 

Buy Anti Slip Floor Paint UK 

Paints4Trade leads the UK market and specialises in supplying various non slip floor paints. An extensive selection of compositions with all kinds of properties allows solving even the most complex tasks of finishing constructions of any type effortlessly. Besides, you will find not only quality products with an extensive colour palette but also many auxiliary sundries for comfortable repairs. Examine the products catalogue to choose the most suitable non slip floor paint for concrete and improve your home, workplace & outdoor areas professionally!