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Anti-Skid and Anti-Slip Aggregates

Are you looking for effective anti-slip aggregates? Do you need a non-slip paint additive of the best quality? Take a look at the online catalogue of Paints4Trade! We stock a selection of top-notch anti-slip floor paint additives, anti-skid aggregates & non-slip aggregates from well-known and trusted UK manufacturers. All the products in this range are available in different sizes and materials. They aim to help you create and maintain anti-slip floor coating with no effort. So, browse the catalogue and pick a perfect anti-slip aggregate to use with favourable floor paint!

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Quality Anti-Skid & Anti-Slip Aggregates for Sale

There are some exceptional cases when floor paints with anti-slip properties need an added grit to ensure a profound level of resistance to skid. At Paints4Trade, you can choose both high-quality floor paints and anti-slip aggregate additives to improve the resistance of various floor coatings. We stock non-slip paint additives and aggregates from such in-demand and reliable brands as Coo-Var, Manor & RSL, and so you can use the selected anti-skid aggregates with floor painting products from these brands. All the products in this range aim to deliver a sharp anti-slip finish to almost every surface you would like to coat.

Coo-Var Profloor Plus Anti-Slip Aggregate

This anti-slip aggregate component from the Coo-Var manufacturer is ideal for use with other Coo-Var Profloor products. It helps to create a durable anti-slip finish and so enhances the floor with additional safety properties. The most suitable product application method is scattering. Coo-Var anti-slip floor paint additive improves skid resistance and helps to prolong the surface lifespan. This non-slip aggregate is available for purchase in 440g packages, which is especially convenient for medium-sized floor repair projects.

Manor Anti Slip Floor Paint Aggregate

The anti-slip floor paint aggregate from the Manor brand is designed to work in addition to almost any floor paint to reduce slip. This is a high-performance non-slip aggregate that comes in the form of fine transparent sand ready to be sprinkled on the coating or mixed with the paint. If you would like to mix this anti-skid aggregate with the paint, we recommend keeping the mixing ratio from 2:1 to 5:1. The product is ideal for use in places where the floor coating may become too slippery, wet or greasy. It helps to provide additional safety and so is suitable for factories and other industrial facilities. The product is available for purchase in 4.5kg pack sizes.

RSL Anti-Slip Floor Paint Aggregate

This anti-skip aggregate from the RSL brand is formulated to be a part of a non-skid system. It is suitable for a range of coating systems, and therefore can be applied on a diversity of surfaces. However, keep in mind that you can spread the product into the last coat of the selected anti-slip system. RSL non-slip aggregate is available in a variety of particle sizes. Thus, you can choose from very fine, fine, coarse and very coarse particles when purchasing this product. Moreover, the anti-slip aggregate from RSL is ideal for ramps, walkways, bridge decks and other surfaces requiring added resistance to skid. The product comes in 25kg packages.


Buy Anti-Slip Aggregates Online at Paints4Trade

Safety is the highest priority for both home and business facilities. Therefore, if you are going to renovate your old facility or build a new one, you need to take care of the reliable and safe floor coating. When looking for durable floor paint with anti-slip features, pay attention to the anti-skid and non-slip aggregates and floor paint additives. These products aim to enhance the anti-slip properties of your floors and so ensure a safer working environment.

Paints4Trade supplies a selection of high-end anti-slip floor paint additives and anti-skid aggregates for you to enjoy a durable, anti-slip floor coating for years to come. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or utilise a convenient site search to find the right product for your next project!