Best Etch Primers & Adhesion Promoter Paints 

Adhesion promoter primer is a multifunctional product that significantly improves the adhesion of facing materials. Moreover, it maximises the lifespan of the treated surface, preventing corrosion, mould, and premature deterioration. Paints4Trade offers a wide range of the best etch primer paints for all surfaces from galvanised steel, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, bronze, etc. Affordable prices, prompt delivery throughout the UK, and high-quality products make our online store the best choice for finding perfect repair and furnishing solutions.

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Why Choose Etch Primer and Adhesion Promoter Paint 

Etch primer is multifunctional, improving the adhesion of the coating to the surface and offering several other significant qualities. Versatile formulations are ideal for indoor use as they are harmless and require simple safety precautions only. Besides, the adhesion promoter primer characterises with additional properties:

  • It increases the surface strength dramatically, even when applied over the previous coat.

  • Antiseptic 2k etch primer creates a durable outer glossy layer that protects the coating from moisture, excluding the appearance of mould, fungi, and other microorganisms.

  • The product saves the finishing materials consumption – the use of etch primer reduces the amount of paint, glue, and putty required.

  • A simple choice of adhesion promoter primer depends only on the porous or polished surface. 


Scope of Adhesion Promoting Primer Covered

Adhesive products are necessary for reliable adhesion of decorative layers to the surface of the painted structure. Therefore, etch primer contains specific dispersed particles. The rough film that forms after the material dries simplifies the application of the finish and makes it smoother and uniform. The adhesion promoter primer is especially important when carrying out following renovations:


  • Cladding. It is necessary when specialists lay tiles, laminate, linoleum, and self-levelling floors on various materials surfaces.

  • Painting. Using etch primer paint prolongs the lifespan of rubber, water-based, acrylic, oil, and epoxy layers painted.

  • Plastering. Quality plastering is impossible without an adhesion-promoting primer, especially when it is necessary to create decorative coatings up to 1 inch thick.


Types of Etch Primer

Adhesion promoting in-depth penetration primer and etch primer paint are two types of standard products. The first one has improved topcoat penetration properties up to three inches. This product contains a minimum amount of dispersion filler and therefore provides less adhesion. It is ideal for use on concrete, wood, and porous plastic surfaces. Etch primer for galvanised steel and other metals belongs to the reinforcing type and provides the finishing layer's best connection with the painted surface. Also, it usually has an anti-corrosion feature and enables structures to withstand high mechanical loads.


Adhesion Promoter Primer for Filling Porous Surfaces

Penetrating adhesion promoting primer supplies full protection of the treated surface and enhances its strength. The product fills all the pores and microcracks of the concrete screed, providing the highest quality adhesion to any finishing material. When the etch primer layer is dry, it forms a protective thin film that prevents moisture absorption. It is also highly resistant to chemical and alkalis agents. Apply several coats of etch primer paint to improve the durability of the protective layer.


Etch Primer Paint for Polished Coating

The critical task of etch primer for aluminium is to provide the best adhesion between the polished surfaces having minimum moisture absorption. The scope of the product covers glass, plastic, and metal structures. This adhesion promoter primer contains unique ingredients to prevent corrosion and fungal growth. Moreover, some products are capable of stopping the rusting process, making it ideal for treating iron floors in warehouses and industrial premises.


High-Quality Adhesion Promoter UK – Buy Etch Primer Online

Any interior or exterior finishing should be carried out in strict accordance with the technological cycle, which is an essential stage of priming. Each finishing coat needs to be pre-applied with an adhesion promoter primer for uniform application and increased surface protection. Choosing the right product is simple and depends on the type of surface and the adhesion rate. Paints4Trade offers a wide range of affordable products from trusted UK manufacturers and allows you to buy etch primer at an excellent price online.