2K Polyurethane Paints and 2K Topcoats

Paintwork is the simplest and most effective method of protecting various surfaces from adverse environmental factors, including precipitation, mechanical damage, the ingress of chemicals, etc. Premium polyurethane coatings for metal surfaces are required to extend the structure lifespan for many years at a relatively low cost. Ease of use and many functional properties make these products the best choice for industrial premises, vehicles, pipelines, and workshops. Paints4Trade catalogue has a large assortment of polyurethane paints of the best quality, presented in various shades and colours. 


All available products are certified and meet all the declared characteristics and properties. The best polyurethane coatings from trusted and reliable manufacturers, competent professional advice online or by phone, and a fast UK delivery are also waiting for you here.

Advantages of Polyurethane Coatings for Metal Surfaces

Many distinctive features inherent in polyurethane paints are solely the main advantage of choosing this product. A wide range of different products and affordable prices makes it a versatile solution for household and industrial needs. Numerous tests and comparative experiments have proven that industrial polyurethane coatings are effective in conditions where regular paints and varnishes quickly lose their functional properties. Below you can find the main advantages of 2K polyurethane paints that form a dense hydrophobic layer and provide reliable metal protection.

  • High wear resistance and strength of the coating. The polyurethane enamel paint is ideal for industrial areas and workshops, subject to constant high loads.

  • Excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces. Our 2K polyurethane paints adhere easily and firmly to concrete, metal, stone, wood, and are perfectly suitable for porous surfaces due to their high penetrating ability.

  • Non-toxic and harmless use. Industrial polyurethane coatings are safe for people and animals, without emitting harmful vapours during the application and further operation of painted surfaces due to the chemical stability of the composition.

  • Elasticity. The 2K polyurethane coatings easily withstand mechanical deformation and sudden temperature changes without the risk of damaging the integrity of the surface.

  • Chemical resistance. Paints4Trade's 2K topcoats for industrial use are immune to aggressive influences, such as acid or alkaline mist, solutions of various reagents, vapours of organic compounds.


Features of Using 2K Polyurethane Paints

The range of industrial polyurethane coatings is broad, offering various products that differ in composition and functional purpose. Each available kit is a set of two containers with paint base and hardener, which should be mixed before the direct application. Although this feature of 2K topcoats may be awkward for beginners, the significant benefits offset the inconvenience.

  • 2K polyurethane paints have a long shelf life while maintaining all functional characteristics due to the separation of active ingredients.

  • You can measure the required amount of polyurethane enamel paint for a one-time application of an area of any type and size.

  • The curing speed of a 2K topcoat does not depend on the air humidity, and you can use it at various temperatures above 0.

  • Polyurethane coatings for steel dry quickly and form a dense layer that does not support combustion, providing additional surface protection.


Applying Polyurethane Enamel Paint

The quality and durability of 2K polyurethane coatings directly depend on strict adherence to the components' mixing technology. All stages of the process are explained in the manuals. There is also information on product consumption depending on the area of painting and the number of layers. Before applying, you need to mix the ingredients in the prescribed ratio using a mixer until a thick homogeneous mass is formed, consumed within a few hours.


Moreover, experts recommend paying particular attention to surface preparation before using polyurethane paints. It is especially true for aluminium, steel, and galvanised structures that have relatively low adhesion. Therefore, before applying polyurethane coatings for metal constructions, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned, degreased, and primed, if necessary.


Buy 2K Polyurethane Paints Online

The high penetration and water resistance of polyurethane paints protect porous materials from humidity and the development of harmful microorganisms leading to the destruction of metal and concrete. At Paints4Trade, you will find a large selection of industrial polyurethane coatings for metal surfaces, available in a wide range of colours and enhanced protective properties for narrow-niche products. All presented enamels, primers, and finish paints fully meet the declared quality characteristics, covering a wide range of applications. If necessary, you can contact our specialists for competent advice and assistance in choosing the most suitable polyurethane enamel paint individually.