High-Quality 2 Pack Paint Finishes and Primers

Suppose you are looking for a suitable way to prolong the lifespan of ferrous and non-ferrous structures, galvanised surfaces, and steel structures. In that case, the 2 pack paint finish from Paints4Trade is the best and the most affordable solution. The product's composition offers components that help to improve the coating's protective properties and increase its strength. The layer formed after drying 2 pack paint will reliably protect the surface from the damaging effects of moisture, UV, temperature extremes, and physical and mechanical damage for many years. Excellent adhesion will provide additional structural stability while maintaining an attractive appearance.


Moreover, Paints4Trade offers a large selection of paints and varnishes from trusted manufacturers, certified and available in various colours and shades. Feel free to explore a full range of high-quality finish metal paints or contact us to get competent advice on choosing the most suitable product!

UK Best 2 Pack Paint Finishes

Topcoats are necessary to create additional protection for primed or painted metal surfaces from adverse environmental conditions, increased stress, physical and chemical effects. However, topcoats should also provide an attractive appearance. And it is the main difference between 2 pack paint finish and metal primers as the primary task of metal primers is to ensure maximum adhesion to the topcoats. The improved coating properties are a must-have for structures subject to frequent exposure to harmful factors such as constant humidity, including seawater, and increased corrosion risks. Thus, 2 pack epoxy paint for steel is an indispensable tool for covering the needs of the most manufacturing niches, including:

  • industrial or civil construction;

  • oil production and oil refining industry;

  • chemical industry;

  • mining industry;

  • shipbuilding;

  • transport construction (construction of overpasses and bridges);

  • railway industry;

  • nuclear power.


Excellent Protective Properties of 2 Pack Epoxy Paint

The 2 pack paint finish based on epoxy resin forms a dense, thick film after drying, providing the most resistant and durable coating. Thus, experts often recommend using it for insulating metal surfaces. Particularly relevant is 2 pack epoxy paint for steel, aluminium, and galvanised coatings since the product provides the best adhesion for other formulations. Thus, it is suitable for protecting gas and oil pipelines, chimneys, vehicle exhaust systems, and industrial furnaces. Retention of properties against sudden changes in temperature and exposure to electrostatic fields are additional benefits of choosing the 2 pack paint finish from Paints4Trade.


It is also suitable for protecting concrete, reinforced concrete, brick surfaces, thanks to affordable prices and an extensive assortment of shades available in the 2 pack paint colour chart. Thus, the topcoat provides the visual appeal of the structure and prolongs its life under the influence of aggressive factors such as acids, alkalis, and salt solutions. 


How to Use 2 Pack Epoxy Metal Paint?

As a versatile product, the two-component epoxy paint offers several uses. First, it can be a base coat that protects the surface from corrosion. In this case, the painting is done directly on the metal coating, previously cleaned and degreased. However, applying a 2 pack paint finish on top of other coats is the best option for enhancing protective properties due to superior product adhesion. The 1-2 coats will be enough to create a heavy-duty coating that protects the metal structure from moisture, corrosion, and environmental influences.


The rules for using 2 pack epoxy paint determine the top coating's quality and lifespan. Therefore, we recommend painting in strict accordance with the user's manual. Mix the formulation according to the prescribed ratio and blend thoroughly until smooth. If necessary, add the solvent to achieve the desired consistency.  It is noteworthy that 2 pack paint finish is ideal for coating metal surfaces and plastics when used in combination with an acrylic primer. 


Buy 2 Pack Paint Finish Online

The enhanced physical and chemical properties of 2 pack paint finish make it an indispensable solution for domestic and industrial structures made from metal, concrete, and plastic. The surface, painted by all the rules of use, retains an attractive appearance for a long time, offering excellent protective properties and wear resistance. By choosing 2 pack metal paint from Paints4Trade, you receive a high-quality product, friendly service, and fast delivery throughout the UK. Besides, our consultants are always on hand to help you find a solution that suits your individual needs and requirements.