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High-Quality Epoxy Floor Paints

Choosing the right flooring plays a vital role in interior design and ensuring safe movement inside the building. It is especially true for high traffic areas like office and commercial buildings, large factories and industrial facilities and more. In this case, purchasing epoxy floor paint is the best solution. It will help create an attractive surface with increased wear resistance and a pleasant coating to keep visitors safe from injuries and accidents.

Welcome to Paints4Trade's catalogue with the top epoxy floor paints, where we have compiled the entire available range of floor coatings from leading manufacturers. Try the highest quality products and forget about the hassle of repairs for a long time

Premium Epoxy Resin Floor Paint UK

There are many reasons for creating an anti-slip coating and several ways to achieve it. The use of specialised epoxy floor paint is the most optimal and ergonomic solution. The product will not only help to create a durable and attractive topcoat but will also protect the material of the structure, in addition to providing it with excellent wear resistance. When applied to concrete, brick, stone, metal, or wood, the non slip epoxy floor paint forms a dense film with many useful properties.

  • The product has excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces.

  • Epoxy resin floor paint provides high resistance to mechanical damage, cracking, and chips.

  • The resulting film is waterproof and offers excellent waterproofing properties.

  • Anti slip epoxy floor coating also protects against chemical attack, providing protection against corrosion, the appearance and spread of mould, and mildew.

  • The top layer prevents dirt and dust from adhering, easy to operate and clean.


Besides, the unique composition of epoxy resin floor paints makes them a versatile solution for indoor and outdoor use. Paints4Trade cooperates only with trusted and reliable suppliers, so you can be sure that the epoxy floor coating you choose in our catalogue is entirely safe for people, animals, and the environment.


Top Epoxy Floor Paints

Anti slip epoxy floor coating is in excellent demand being also known as one of the most robust and durable paint products. It is a set of two parts – a colourant and a hardener, which you can comfortably mix to obtain the desired consistency. Thus, epoxy floor paint is a practical solution for painting large areas of commercial and industrial premises. The formulation is easy to apply and further use. Everyone can paint the surface with epoxy floor paint without specialised skills, getting an even multifunctional coating with many functional properties. Feel free to use the brush, roller, or spray to cope with the task effortlessly.


Epoxy floor paints are suitable for a thoroughly sanded primed surface and also can be applied directly on an unprepared coating. However, experts recommend pre-cleaning, degreasing, and drying the top layer. Careful preparation is essential to ensure good adhesion to smooth materials such as metal or plastic. 


Buy #1 Epoxy Resin Floor Paints Online

If you are looking for the perfect finish that not only looks good but offers increased safety, then versatile epoxy resin floor paint is your best solution! Affordable prices for certified products, a fantastic selection of colours, fast delivery, and convenient payment methods are available for our clients.


Notably, Paints4Trade's wide range of epoxy floor paints also offers specialised products with enhanced properties. For example, epoxy paint floor coating formulations are great to thoroughly fill all the pores on the surface, levelling it accurately. Industrial non slip epoxy floor paint offers increased wear resistance for frequent use under heavy loads and protects the floor from increased dust formation. The most suitable option selection usually depends on the specific purpose, individual requirements, and application. However, high-quality epoxy resin floor paint UK guarantees an excellent result in any particular case.