Water Based Paints and Primers 

Anti-corrosion water based paints are produced for highly effective protection of metal surfaces from moisture, UV, and mechanical damage. They are also suitable for priming process of the equipment, vehicles, furniture, and other structures made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Non-VOC water based gloss paint UK is an environmental-friendly product that you can use as a stand-alone anti-corrosion coating or for optional protection of spare parts.

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High-Quality Water Based Paint for Metal Surfaces

The variety of water based primers makes it challenging to select the most suitable product due to particular properties and features, such as finish required, type of solvent, surface texture, etc. For sure, all-in-one products are a versatile option. Nevertheless, choosing the right item will dramatically extend the lifespan of the top layer. Water based paints contain polymers, pigments, plasticisers, fillers, and functional additives that solidify after the water evaporation. 


The wear-resistant film is odourless, supplying durable coating for porous surfaces. You can also easily clean the structure painted with water based metal primer paint using domestic cleaners. Moreover, the use of acrylic water based paint for outdoor applications provides the painted surface with the following advantages:

  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;

  • water resistance;

  • excellent vapour tightness;

  • resistance to any precipitation.


Features of Water Based Paints for Metal

Water based gloss paint has excellent adhesion to all surfaces, making it the best solution at an affordable price. Primers and enamels are easy to use, so their scope is extensive. You can use products not only for metal plating but also for wood, concrete, brick, and plastic. The finished layer does not crack, keeping an attractive look for a long time.


Benefits of Using Water-Based Paints

Water based primers are in a high-demand due to their peculiarities and advantages. The products have excellent durability, retaining anti-corrosion properties for many years without requiring the renewal. The white coating does not lose colour and gloss, which is possible due to the used polymer emulsion that does not lend itself to oxidation. 


Although it takes some time to form a protective layer, water-based primers take less than 1 hour to dry and overcoats to 2 hours. The top layer has excellent elasticity, protecting metal surfaces from temperature extremes and climatic changes. Besides, water based paints do not contain flammable or toxic substances. Therefore, the coating is ideal for painting gas and oil storage facilities, filling stations, etc. 


Water based metal primer paints are in demand with a wide range of applications. They are suitable for both facade and interior decoration, offering a wide range of colours and glossy, satin, and semi-matte finishes. If necessary, you can add specific additives to the formulation to improve the wear-resistant properties of water-based primers. This type of product is suitable for steel, cast iron, and other ferrous metal surfaces, ensuring reliable anti-corrosion protection for:

  • metal structures;

  • pipes and pipelines;

  • garages and fences;

  • garden and home furniture;

  • industrial equipment and machinery parts;

  • reinforced concrete products and structures.


Tips for Water Based Paint Application

Surface preparation for painting is an essential step in using water based satin paint. Remove topcoat with abrasive tools. Rust converter is also suitable for surface cleaning, simplifying the preparation process – one will help to reduce the consumption of the finished product and ensure overcoating durability. Paint surface with water based primer, using a brush or roller. Also, you can apply it with a spray to cover large-size areas for a thin top layer formed. If you plan to use the product for premises with high humidity, you can dilute the composition with antiseptics with fungicides.


Best Water Based Primers – Buy Water Based Paint Online

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