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Metal primer and undercoat paints are liquid products containing rust inhibitive pigment resin and zinc. The primary purposes of these products are reducing the coating porosity and improving the adhesion and the anti-corrosion functions of the painted surface. Thus, the correct approach to painting involves the primer application for the bottom layer to preserve the top layers' protective and decorative properties. 

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Wide Range of High-Quality Primer Undercoat Paints

Before you start exploring available products, pay attention to the purpose of primer and undercoat paints. Whether you need products for outdoor or indoor use or a versatile solution, you will easily find the right item in our catalogue. The choice of metal primer also depends on the conditions of use of the coating and the surface material:  

  • industrial metal primer protects against corrosion and improves adhesion of metal, plastic, ceramics, and glass;

  • universal undercoat paint helps reduce application time and save time on labour.

Besides, Paints4Trade offers ready-to-use coloured undercoat paint that makes it easy to interact with large areas. You will also find a chlorinated rubber compound here, ideal for surface sealing and wet applications.

Industrial Metal Primer Paint for Long-Term Protection

Primer undercoat paint defines the protection level of the finish coating for metal surfaces. It contributes to the excellent adhesion of the protective layer and the painted buildings. Moreover, metal primer paint such as our Red Oxide Primer has another essential function – protection against corrosion and rust, provoking natural material destruction. The resulting layer also has to withstand heavy-duty loads to extend the lifespan of the painted object.

The right use of industrial primer for metal is essential to minimise cover breakdown. You can use specific galvanised undercoat paints or purchase all-in-one metal primer. Paints4Trade professionals are always ready to help you choose undercoat products, depending on individual needs and preferences. 

How to Paint Surface with Undercoat Paint for Metal

After choosing undercoat paints, you can proceed to surface treatment. Check the existing coating and remove it. Eliminate rust, grease, and other contaminants from the surface. Apply primer undercoat paint in a few thin layers using a roller, brush, or spray. Glossy finishes sometimes need extra abrasive processing for better adhesion to the topcoat. The drying time of undercoat paint for wall is several hours. Nevertheless, we recommend applying the overcoating layer after 16-24 hours for long-lasting results.

Buy Best Undercoat Paint Online

The scope of undercoat paints is extensive – from household repairs to coating industrial facilities surfaces. Paints4Trade offers a wide range of high-quality products for both versatile and particular purposes. Keep in mind that the selected primer's composition should match with the decorating product used for the up layer coat. In any case, you will get additional advice from our specialists if necessary, to choose the most suitable undercoat paint.