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All-in-One Primer Finish Paints

Metal paint finishes are the most accessible and easy finishing materials among the variety of available finish products. They aim to help you refresh the look of any structure and protect it from the adverse effects of environmental factors without specialised skills and professional tools. The high-quality primer finish paints presented in our online catalogue will help you to cope with the task quickly and efficiently. 

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High-Quality Finish Paints from Paints4Trade

The modern market offers a wide range of products for metal surfaces, including both all-in-one primer finish paints and exclusive formulations with particular properties. The variety can make it challenging to find the right solution. However, we offer versatile options from reliable manufacturers to help you ensure:

  • the high degree of surface protection from moisture, prolonging its lifespan;

  • resistance to ultraviolet affection, preventing colour fading;

  • strength of paint finishes for walls, providing reliable protection against mechanical damage;

  • resistance to high temperatures;

  • excellent protective properties against rust and corrosion;

  • long-lasting attractiveness of a decorative coating.


How to Select Metal Finish Paint?

If you are looking for high-quality paint finishes for metal structures, consider the points below to choose the right product.

  • Outdoor or indoor operation. All the presented paints are environmentally friendly. However, for indoor use, we recommend utilising acrylic & water-based products, having a less pronounced odour. Oxide, vinyl and metal enamels, with increased resistance to environmental factors, are suitable for outdoor operation.

  • Scope of metal finish paint application. Choose special-purpose enamels whenever possible. For example, a heat-resistant product will help to protect the surface of heating elements. Meanwhile, decorative paint finishes are suitable for industrial structures with low material consumption.

  • Terms of use. Careful surface preparation before painting prolongs the lifespan of the top coating, which is affected by several factors. Use a specific primer finish paint for extra protection if necessary.

Different Types of Paint Finishes

Painting of metal structures is necessary not only to ensure their attractive appearance but also to protect them against corrosion. Paints4Trade offers a variety of paint finishes UK at affordable prices!

  • Different types of paint finishes, suitable for external & internal use in industrial and domestic premises;

  • Primers that improve protection against corrosion and mechanical damage;

  • Enamels for direct to rust metal paint with satin finish, suitable for heating elements, galvanised, aluminium, and steel surfaces;

  • Vinyl paint finishes providing premium moisture protection.


All of these paints prevent corrosion of metal structures while protecting them from environmental factors. The products have excellent heat and moisture resistance and boast a full palette of persistent colours.


Heavy-Duty Metallic Finish Paint for Long-Term Operation

A primer is required to prepare metal finish paint for use. It forms a buffer layer between the surface and the topcoat, increasing its adhesion and performance. Some primer finish paints do not need additional overcoating. However, several coats of a specialised compound provide longer-term protection against corrosion, which is crucial for structures exposed to high moisture effect. Also, primer paint finishes can be used with direct to metal paint to cover the topcoat of rust.


Wear-Resistant Coating with Hammer Finish Paints

Hammer finish paints are a particular type of coating for metal products with a specific texture. Experts usually use these paints to decorate forged products for outdoor and indoor use. These paint finishes reliably protect metal surfaces from oxidation and subsequent corrosion. They also can hide minor defects. Moreover, these paints form a dirt-repellent coating on a variety of metals, from galvanised steel to many others used in industry and everyday life.


UK Finish Paints from Proven Manufacturers

You will easily find here a full range of different coatings for decorating interior and exterior surfaces made of metal, protecting them from corrosion, rust, and dirt. The current product assortment is available in 100's of colours, allowing everyone to paint surface finish layer with different building forms. Besides, specification info in tabs with products description will facilitate the selection of the most suitable metallic finish paint from reliable and trusted brands.