5 uses for metal paint

Painting metal surfaces is slightly different to painting wooden ones in the fact that you have to choose the right paint for the environment. Otherwise, you may find that the quality of your finish deteriorates very quickly. However, there are many different types of metal paint on the market, and each one excels in a different situation. If you’re unsure of whether a metal-based paint would be best for your job, then feel free to have a look at five of the uses for this material below.

Stoves and ovens

When you’re looking to paint surfaces that will be exposed to heat, you need to invest in a metal paint that will be able to withstand these tough conditions. The Heat Resistant Paint, for example, is versatile enough to be used on stoves, ovens, chimneys, industrial pipework and engine and exhaust systems. This product gives you an exceptional and long-lasting finish – even when exposed to prolonged and difficult conditions – reducing the need to re-visit the job on a regular basis.

Preparing surfaces

The preparation methods you need to go through when painting metallic objects will depend on whether the surface is ferrous, non-ferrous or galvanised. Ferrous metals rust and need to be rust-free before you paint them. Non-ferrous metals do not require this level of preparation.

When you need to prepare a non-ferrous metal for powder coating, we recommend you use a product like the Metal Etch Primer. This metal paint is perfect for use as a base layer because it boasts adhesive properties – meaning the powder on top will be able to cling to the metal object more effectively.

Gates and railings

When you’re painting a metal object that is likely to be used by the public, you need to use a metal paint that dries quickly so that its finish is not harmed. What’s more, you need to reduce the risk of the public smudging the paint once it’s been applied. The rapid drying Hammer Finish Metal Paint is the product we would recommend to achieve this. It’s perfect for interior and exterior use and excels on objects like gates, railings and structural steelwork.


Possibly one of the most versatile paints that we have on offer at Paints4Trade is the Manor Stoving Enamel. This high-quality paint only takes 15 minutes to dry, and it can be used for signs, tools, shelving, metal furniture, display equipment and so much more. If any of these materials require a coat of paint, then this product is sure to rise to the challenge every time.


Painting a vehicle can be a time-consuming and difficult process. However, if you’re on the lookout for a durable and hard wearing top coat to make things slightly easier, then the High Solids Top Coat Paint is ideal. It provides a glossy finish and is resistant to UV weathering – meaning it excels in the toughest of applications. A product like this is suitable to be used in structural steelwork, auto refinishing and plant maintenance.

As you can see, it’s vital that you choose the right kind of metal paint for the job you’re working on. If you’re still unclear over which metal paint is best suited to your needs, then please feel free to contact the team here at Paints4Trade to receive some expert advice.

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