Quick Tips when Working on Commercial Projects

Quick Tips when Working on Commercial Projects

Taking on a commercial project can be daunting. Let’s face it; there’s a lot of pressure associated with getting the right finish to your job – people are going to have to look at that wall you’ve just painted every day! Nevertheless, you will feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction once the job is complete. To help you avoid the pitfalls of working on a commercial project, we recommend you take the time to read the following tips.

Are you mentally and physically prepared for the task ahead?

When it comes to managing a decorating project, it’s important to ensure you’re correctly prepared for the task ahead. Whether you’re making some simple home improvements or you’re working on a commercial painting project, do your research and make sure that you have everything you need to begin. Do you know what type of surface you’re working with, and which kinds of paint you’ll need to get the desired effect? Do you know which tools you should use to complete your job to a high standard? The more research and understanding you have of your project, the more likely you are to succeed.

Once you have finished preparing yourself, prepare the area

Once you’ve prepared yourself for the job, it’s time to prepare the room you are painting. Some surfaces might need a good sanding down before applying paint, while others will need the helping hand of some filler. Killing mould and removing old paint is important, but to create the foundations of an even solid base, and to guarantee your topcoat goes on smoothly, you will need to search for a primer. You have to take all of this into consideration before you even open a can of paint!


Once you’ve prepared yourself for the task at hand, it’s time to buy your paint. Clear your schedule, work out how much paint you’ll need for the surface area and ensure you purchase a high-quality paint to prolong the redecorating cycle and protect the environment.

Don’t be a tool!

Commercial painting projects are about much more than the right paint and a steady hand. Avoid acting a fool by finding the right tools. Read our guide to painting tools and find out more about the wide variety of professional painting accessories supplied for you here at Paints4Trade.

If you find yourself disheartened by minor bloopers, rely on our blog for more information. A hardened paint clump on the wall is easily sliced off with a razor blade or knife. Make sure you sand the edges with sandpaper and touch the areas up with paint to get back on track.

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