A Quick Guide to Our Favourite Fire Retardant Products

As outlined in recent building regulations, it is very important for structures like schools and work buildings to be fireproofed as much as possible, including the ceiling and walls, which have to be at least fire resistant for at least half an hour. This is something that we should consider about our homes too, as we want to keep our family safe and preserve the build as much as possible.

We’ve put together a quick list of our favourite fire retardant products so that you can look into keeping your home protected as much as possible, or if you’re a tradesman, you can understand what kind of products are available for you to add to your services.

Jotun Steelmaster 60WB Water Based Intumescent Fire Proof Paint

This is a great paint that is designed to protect structural steel from fire for up to one hour. It is a thick paint that can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun, and in the event of a fire, the intumescent coating expands to insulate the structural steel from the fire. Touch dry within two hours of application, your building work will be fire proof in no time at all.

Thermoguard Flame Retardant Gloss

Part of a range of decorative flame retardant paints, this product is ideal for using over wall coat, timber coat and thermo-coat to protect, decorate and complete the fire protection systems. It helps with controlling fire hazards by releasing a flame extinguishing gas upon contact with fire, so it’s a great product to use in a home setting.

ThermoguardTimbercoat Intumescent

This paint can be used on bare or previously painted timber and timber derivative surfaces to make them fire resistant for up to an hour. It can be used inside and out, making it ideal for any outdoor structures that you may want to protect. It also has a low odour and is environmentally friendly. This commercial paint is available on Paints4Trade, along with the Thermoguard basecoat and overcoat, so everything you need is in one convenient place.

ISF Flamepro FP7 Furniture Flame Retardant

To maintain the overall decorative effect of your furniture while complying with today’s building regulations for fire protection, you need to use a furniture flame retardant. By using the basecoat and the topcoat together, you can protect your furniture and have a finish that highlights its natural beauty. They dry very quickly, so you can paint your furniture and use it in the same day.


This is an intumescent white undercoat for applying to previously painted plaster, Artex, board, brick, and concrete walls and ceilings. As it is an intumescent paint, it expands and insulates the walls and ceilings from the flames for up to an hour. It also provides low smoke emission, so it is a great product to use in the home. Low odour, water-based, user-friendly and environmentally friendly, this is a great paint to buy or add to your kit.

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