Our Top 10 Products for Large Projects

When it comes to large projects, whether you’re a tradesman or a DIY-er, it’s important to have great products that will help you achieve the desired result. No matter how large or small a project is, using good equipment will make a serious difference in the final product and help towards it longevity. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 products for large projects, so you can consider adding them to your kit.

Brush Mate 20 And Vapour Fluid

There’s simply nothing we hate more than having to clean our brushes and rollers at the end of each day when we’re going to use the same colour the next day. With Brush Mate 20 and the accompanying Vapour Fluid, your brushes will be suspended in an atmosphere that prevents the paint drying, so they will always be ready for action.

Circular Saw

If you have room in your budget for a power tool, the circular saw is an essential. They’re an invaluable tool if you’re going to do a lot of cutting, especially when it comes to masonry, tiles and steel. They are the most common power tools, but also one of the best.

Tape Measure

Small but mighty, the humble tape measure can help you out with a whole range of projects. Of course, we all have a small one lying around the house somewhere, but there are much larger ones available that are ideal for substantial sized projects.

Corded Drill

There is so much that you can do with a corded drill, and they are definitely the best when it comes to larger projects, as you don’t have to wait continuously for the battery to charge. Cordless batteries will drain very quickly if you’re attempting a project that requires a lot of power, so corded is the way to go.

Staple Gun

A heavy-duty staple gun is actually quite affordable and has a wide range of applications, making it the ideal addition to any kit. It can achieve projects as large as roofing and upholstery to much smaller projects like crafting. There are manual and electric versions, so you’ll need to see which will be best for your project.

Half Face Dust Respirator Mask

This is a key item that should be in everyone’s kit, as it is essential to your safety. These masks protect against fine dust, oil, water based mists and organic vapours so that you won’t breathe anything in while working. You can find these masks on Paints4Trade, along with many other products, like commercial paints, to help you with your projects.

Cordless Dremel Rotary Tool

A Dremel or any other similar rotary tool has a huge variety of applications, so it will certainly come in handy. With many different attachments, you can use this power tool for drilling, sanding, sawing, carving and more. It’s like a whole toolbox in itself.

Rubber Mallet

Many people opt for a claw hammer, but by using a rubber mallet instead, you can achieve so much more. When tapping or hammering with a claw hammer, the surface can often get damaged, but by using a rubber mallet, you can prevent this. They’re also great for installing laminate flooring or ceramic tiles.

Impact Driver

For any woodwork, an impact driver is a must. It can fasten screws or drill holes into the wood with speed and ease, saving you a lot of time and effort, making it a very worthy investment.

CSP Mortar

This a solvent free, heavy duty mortar that is designed to repair damaged and cracked concrete. It can be used indoors or outdoors, so you can easily fix any concrete areas that are damaged. It can be used before painting or as a stand-alone repair, so it’s a very versatile product.

Paint Spray Gun

Spraying paint instead of brushing or rolling results in a more even coat, and it is much quicker. Spray guns are often lightweight and simple to use, making them an essential. At Paints4Trade, there are a range of spray guns available for projects of every size.

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