Commercial Paint Trends For 2017

More and more people are becoming interested in the colours of the future, and the state of colour has never been more restless because of it. Due to new outlooks on self-expression, nostalgia and culture as a whole, colour trends are forever changing to suit. Many people are also becoming more conscious of the psychology behind colours, and selecting paints based on the mood and atmosphere they will create. 2017 is no different, so we have compiled our thoughts on the paint trends for the year ahead.

A Deeper Shade Of Blue

The must-have colour for interiors is muted, stoney blue which will add life and space to any room, and this can also be applied commercially. Blue is a colour that is used continuously in architecture, fashion and design because it is so timeless and versatile. It’s definitely one that will appeal to creative and social types, so we’re sure to see plenty of products sporting blue shades this year.

Traditional Meets Contemporary

For those of us that find blue a little too daring, there is a much more composed and traditional palette that is on trend, featuring gorgeous earthy greens and taupes. While these types of colours can usually make a room feel smaller, they reflect the growing environmental awareness we have seen recently, so they would be great to use commercially too. Earthy tones are also considered to be friendly and inviting, so these types of colours would work great in advertising.

Pin-Worthy Pastels

Thanks to the rise of Pinterest, a big trend this year is the contrast of muted grey with pastel accents, such as pink, green and yellow, and while we may not see many vehicles in this palette, we’re sure to see a lot of advertisements including these colours. In interiors, these colours made huge ripples in 2016, but we’re sure to see them expand into other realms in 2017, as they are eye-catching and exciting. It is an ideal palette for anyone looking to take their first steps into accent colours.

Out With The White Walls

While white is a clean and crisp colour, too much of it can be boring and uninspiring, and this is where colour psychology is important. For somewhere like an office space, adding splashes of colour such as orange and yellow is a great idea, as it is great for teamwork spaces, can stimulate the brain and boost positivity. This is something to take into consideration with commercial paints too, as the final product may not have its desired effect due to the colours used. If white is the perfect choice for the project, that’s great, but perhaps consider adding a little contrast, as it will make a huge difference.

Of course, trends are not made to be followed, and many people choose to dance to the beat of their own drum. But this year’s trends are beautiful, and really reflect what we have learned in recent years, so it is definitely worth looking into how you can incorporate them into your commercial business.

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