What the Colour of your Front Door Says About You

If you are considering giving your front door a new lick of paint, your first instinct may be to choose a colour that appeals to both yourself and your family. You may, instead, follow your neighbours lead and opt for a colour that will keep your street well-matched and consistent.


However, choosing the right colour for your front door might be more important than you think, as the right colour can say a lot about you and your home. To offer a helping hand, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular front colours for you to peruse.



A crisp white door is perfect for those who are clean and organised and is symbolic of purity and innocence. Whether you are keen to keep things traditional, or you just prefer the modern feel that a freshly-painted white door can offer, it’s certainly a choice that will appease the masses – even if it is the most obvious choice from our list.



For a timeless look, a black door is another firm favourite. A black door can demonstrate that you are consistent, reserved and even conservative, or that you prefer the classic design that the colour can offer. For homes with whitewashed brickwork, black can offer a contemporary edge to your home, especially when paired with chunky white framing.



For a front door, red is certainly a bold choice. It’s a firm favourite for those who want to stand out, as the colour has connotations of health, strength and vitality. A red door can brighten up an otherwise dull exterior, so it’s a great choice for those looking for a quick-fix.



A green front door is great if you want to show that you care about your home, your community and your environment. A perfect choice for those who have a luscious garden, green offers harmony and balance and can symbolise renewal, peace and modesty



For easy-going personalities, a pastel blue door is a great choice. Not only can it convey a calm and relaxed atmosphere, but it can be a welcoming entrance to your home, especially when paired with light or whitewashed walls or brickwork. For authoritative families, a deep, royal blue door is an alternative, and can represent confidence and a sense of loyalty.



There are few things that will cause as much attention as a yellow front door. If you are considering this sunny tone, you’re probably already confident, ballsy and ready to try anything. By combining a yellow door with attractive neutral woods or greys, you’ll be able to add a contemporary colour pop without blinding your neighbours!


If you are ready to shake up your home exterior, then starting with a new front door colour is a great way to begin. Not only is painting your front door relatively simple, but you can find a range of high-quality commercial paints in a wide variety of colours on the Paints4Trade website, so there’s no excuse not to roll up your sleeves and give it a go!

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